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Received Saxenda prescription, would love input and advice!

annasanders69annasanders69 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
My doctor suggested Saxenda as I have gained a lot of weight recently (+/-30 lbs in eight weeks) and also suffer from sugar cravings making it very difficult to eat less. I exercise regularly without much success. All my problems started after I was put on high doses of cortisone (Betapred) recently (going from 1 g/IV daily to 100 mg/daily and tapering down by 20 mg/week). Although I did not stay on steroids for more than eight weeks, they really messed me up and caused me to gain tons of weight which I now seem unable to lose. Therefore, my doctor suggested Saxenda to make me lose more weight initially. My current BMI is 30 so clinically obese. I was recently diagnosed with insulin and leptin resistance as well.
I know Saxenda is terribly expensive, but what I don't understand is how long the only option available at my local pharmacy (Saxenda 6 mg/ml x 5) will last if I start by taking 0.6 mg daily and slowly work myself up to 3 mg/daily after five weeks...I'd be really grateful if someone could fill me in, and would also appreciate reviews on doctor made it sound like a miracle drug but before spending a fortune on it I'd really like to hear from others having had weight loss success with it!

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