HIT workouts

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I did my first HIT today, 20 minute of 30 second vigorous with 90 seconds of active rest 9x’s with a 2 minute cool down. Followed by 40 minutes of strength training.
It was explained to me that you do HIT for hormone release and follow with strength to use those hormones to build muscle and burn fat.
Is this really the proper use? Has anybody been doing this and getting results?
I’m thinking about adding in a 20minute hit before my strength training (2-3x’s a week). I get plenty of really great cardio that I LOVE, I don’t love the bike but I could get really into it if steps up my strength training game.
Thanks an advance for sharing your experience!


  • Strongfitmama100412
    Depends on your goals. If you want to add more strengh then i would do lifting first so you arent tired from the hiit. If you looking to increase your speed and endurance then do hiit first.
    I also mix it up a bit too. I teach a muscle/tabata class. I have them lift weights squats, chest,back, triceps, then 20-25 min of tabata or hiit intervals and shoulders and biceps and abs.
    Sometimes i might do all the weights in the beginning of class and tabata last

    If you are truly doing hiit right, you will have a hard time lifting weights after. Your form could be compromised.

    For myself i do hiit training on days by itself. Im spent after. So Monday and Thursdays i lift heavy. Tuesdays i teach my class, so muscle and tabata, wednesday i spin, fridays and sundays are my hiit days. I walk/run/sprint work on the treadmill. Saturdays i prepare my class so i will go through it using lighter weights.

    Good luck.
  • NorthCascades
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    HITT isn't about hormones or fat burning, it's for race readiness.
  • CharlieBeansmomTracey
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    hiit wont burn fat and make you gain muscle. fat is lost in a deficit and muscle is built in a surplus(aside from a recomp) along with a progressive lifting program. to build muscle your muscles have to be under stress which is why you lift weights to do so. where did you get that info about hiit releasing hormones to burn fat and gain muscle? it doesnt work that way
  • kimny72
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    If you are doing actual HIIT, I can't imagine you would have the energy or muscle strength to accomplish anything in the weight room. Strength training after completely wearing yourself out seems like a really bad idea and a recipe for injury.
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    Quick question here: Anyone else using Apple Watch and trying to get it to post HIIT? I’ve read it doesn’t work and have been manually adding my workout Active Cals into MFP. Does this seem ok even though my step data is posting? Thanks for advice everyone!