Baby weight?

So I had twins in November and I have lost all my baby weight .. BUT it doesn’t even look like it. I had a c section and I just feel all flabby and my body will never be the same 😫 sorry I just need to vent. The most embarrassing thing was I caught my husband staring at my stomach when he walked in the room while I was changing and I said why are you staring at my stomach.. he said it was interesting especially since I had twins in there.
I just want to cry 😭


  • katp13
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    Oh hun, husbands can be clueless sometimes! I'm sure he didn't mean any offence, but i can understand your feelings. It will take time for your body to recover and yes, it may never be the same again. But it grew and carried not one but two babies! Vent away, and i hope it helps. But you've done an incredible job, be proud!

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    Feel free to friend me had a baby in April, I lost all the baby weight plus 12 more lbs before going back to work but once I went back to work i gained it all back plus 10 more trying to drop that weight now but find it really hard especially with breastfeeding and trying to find a balance between eating enough to sustain milk but not continuing to gain. I find myself at night grabbing snacks to eat while feeding the baby. I find I'm always hungry but hoping if I get back to logging my food I can lose the weight again. Were going away in March and I'm hoping to drop to under 200 before we go.
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    I added you! I need to drop about 30 pounds by May 31st hopefully it’s possible
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    First of all, congratulations on your new babies! I just had my second baby in August. I definitely understand the body image issues. I have not lost all the weight, and my stomach is big and saggy. I still look pregnant! It's can really be disheartening some days, but I have to remind myself to be kind to myself. We grew and birthed these beautiful little people and we are badass!!
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    I've had 4 c sections in the last 5½ years and I'm excited to finally lose all the baby weight, but also terrified of what those surgeries may have done to my tummy no matter how skinny I get. I don't want to do all this work just to still look gross 😩 Mostly I try not to think about it, though...
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    It takes time for your body to recover! Even if you lose the weight quickly, it isn’t the same as it was prior to the baby. Those muscles have loosened up to allow life... its amazing but it takes time for them to return to a semblance of the way they were before. I too lost all the weight by my 6 week checkup (and 10 extra pounds) and was thrilled, but i didn’t look good naked (at least to myself). But, with consistent working out (in my garage during nap time... sometimes just 10 minutes here and there) and focusing on adding lots of vegetables into my diet (I didn’t count calories and restrict myself at all until I was done breastfeeding) I was able to really see a lot of improvement and by 6 months pp I felt like I was more fit than before I got pregnant. That being said, everyone is different... I only had one baby and was very active during my pregnancy, so it may take longer for you to feel fantastic... but the most important thing is to eat mostly healthy and consistently make exercise a priority whenever possible (I’m sure with twins it is super hard)! Good luck! You can do it!
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    Nurse here...have you ever checked yourself for diastasis recti? It's extraordinarily common in women, especially if you've had twins. It's essentially where the ab muscles tear down the middle due to the increased abdominal pressure, making you look poochy even after you're back to your prepregnancy weight. If you do any exercises that put pressure on your abdomen, making it pooch out rather than draw in, you can make it worse. Crunches are the worst.

    Checking takes like 30 seconds. Type it in on YouTube for a visual. Lay flat on your back with a hand behind your head, knees bent and feet flat. Put a finger flat on your bellybutton. Now, raise your head slightly off the ground. You should feel your ab muscles hugging your finger. If you dont, add another finger. Keep going until you feel your abs hugging your finger.

    I have a small tear, and I still look pregnant despite my tiny frame (I was underweight before pregnancy but had a 10 lb baby). They do not routinely check for this in the hospital even though it can cause pelvic dysfunction as well as aesthetic issues.

    Good luck!!!