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Can the face determine how much weight should be lost?

SuccessHereSuccessHere Posts: 232Member Member Posts: 232Member Member
Forgive this strange question, but do some people know how much weight they have to lose just be their face?
See...told you it was a strange question 😂


  • seltzermint555seltzermint555 Posts: 9,492Member Member Posts: 9,492Member Member
    Honestly I think it goes both ways like pinuplove described the fuller cheeks despite loss. I could still easily stand to lose 30-ish more pounds but the smaller I go, the weirder my face looks. Older, gaunt, teeth too prominent, etc. It was nice for me when I was 250-300 lb to not look "that fat" in the face. I've lost 140 and gained back 10-12 and happy with that because it softens my face. Mileage will vary on this!
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  • jesspen91jesspen91 Posts: 1,383Member Member Posts: 1,383Member Member
    Weight distribution is different for everyone. You shouldn't focus just on your face just as you shouldn't focus just on your stomach or just on your hips, back etc.
  • pierinifitnesspierinifitness Posts: 2,282Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,282Member, Premium Member
    Lately, as I get closer to target weight, after a hard cardio workout, my face is taking on that “tweaker” look.
  • CharlieBeansmomTraceyCharlieBeansmomTracey Posts: 7,702Member Member Posts: 7,702Member Member
    Forgive this strange question, but do some people know how much weight they have to lose just be their face?
    See...told you it was a strange question 😂

    for me no I still have about 40+ lbs to lose and my face looks gaunt and thin.yet the rest of me does not.
  • nicsflyingcircusnicsflyingcircus Posts: 1,964Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,964Member, Premium Member
    No. A couple years ago when I got down to 208 (I am 5'9"), my collarbone were visible and my face was starting to verge on gaunt. I suspect if I actually manage to get below 165, I will not look good for awhile. I carry weight on my lower belly/hips, thighs and upper arms in particular. I am also going to have spectacular bat wings and my panniculus is already bad, it will be so much worse.
  • vixtrisvixtris Posts: 687Member Member Posts: 687Member Member
    By looking at my face alone... I wouldn't be able to tell -how much- I needed to lose. But I can see a difference in my face when I gain/lose weight, even if its only 10 lbs difference in total body weight.
  • LivingtheLeanDreamLivingtheLeanDream Posts: 12,130Member Member Posts: 12,130Member Member
    I think when we're older it is true that our face can tell when we've reached a healthy weight or unhealthy weight. Personally I start getting more gaunt and look older when I go a few pounds below my lowest maintenance number. If you're younger I don't think it might be as good a guideline.
  • vivekggopivivekggopi Posts: 39Member, Premium Member Posts: 39Member, Premium Member
    Healthy weight loss rate is 0.5 pounds/ week
  • Sammylou40sSammylou40s Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    Before I’ve lost my six stone I always thought my face was my nicest feature. I’d hide away my body behind others for photos etc and thought my face looked good.
    Now I’m a size 8 I’m very happy to have my photo taken! And looking at these new pictures I see my face wasn’t that good after all. No wrinkles obviously but really chubby cheeks and a lovely double chin!
    Many people told me that my face was too thin but honestly it’s not. It’s a touch saggy still as I’ve just gone into maintaining but my skin is clearer and you can see cheekbones and a jawline.
    I smile a lot more too!
    It just takes time for everyone ,including you ,to get used to the new you
  • NeedtolosefiveNeedtolosefive Posts: 17Member Member Posts: 17Member Member

    Following up from this, even when your face looks somewhat "gaunt" initially following weight loss, there's some settling and softening after time spent in maintenance that renders how one looks in the immediate aftermath a pretty unreliable metric to go by.

    I was told I looked gaunt even years after my weight loss, and they were right. My goal weight is now 15 pounds heavier (120 rather than 105 pounds) because of the comments I received almost on the daily by my family and friends. My husband telling me I was too thin was the final straw that lead to my weight gain.

    Some people just look better and healthier a bit heavier, but still in the healthy range. (Like Hilary Duff and Kiara Knightly.)
  • funjen1972funjen1972 Posts: 945Member Member Posts: 945Member Member
    I am very slender with a 19 BMI, but my face alone looks like I could lose 50 pounds. My chipmunk cheeks lie!
  • SuccessHereSuccessHere Posts: 232Member Member Posts: 232Member Member
    I just got up and binged on carbs in the middle of the night. I can’t do that anymore! I have to make sure I can fit in interview clothes!!!!!
  • SuccessHereSuccessHere Posts: 232Member Member Posts: 232Member Member
    Tomorrow it's back to the gym and counting my calories on this app.
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