Need support

Hi everyone! I’ve been on a downward trend for quite a bit and these extra 45 pounds just snuck in! I’ve gone through a rough couple of months recently, I miscarried my first pregnancy, and want to use this time of clarity to work on my physical and mental health. Looking to find new friends and hold each other accountable ♥️


  • KelseyJane88
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    Definitely!!! I am a mother 2 with 2 cesareans and I’ve had confidence issues with body since. I used to be small and petite, 120lbs. Now I’m 161. So far though, I’ve lost 40lbs, but that’s been over time. I’m ready to stay in my journey consistently! Let support each other! 🥰
  • Je55ica_79
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    So sorry for your loss ❤❤❤ we've just recently friended eachother can't wait to go on this journey together!