Looking for friends with high protein low carb diets

I wouldn't consider my diet anything near keto. But I'm trying to limit carbs and eat lean protein. Seems to work best for me. I'm a mom of 4 kiddos 2 have food allergies one allergic to rice and one has celiac disease so no gluten. So I rarely serve any grains for meals. My husband has been trying to avoid being diagnosed type 2 diabetes. Following this diet stricker than the rest of us he was able to get his bloodwork back in great order, his cholesterol is great, his blood sugar is normal range, and he lost 30lbs in 3 months.

I love to have friends that are following similar diet to share meal ideas and support. I've currently lost 20lbs I have 80-90 more to go. But my biggest goal is to feel good and not be out of breath after walking up stairs and increase my walking pace and distance.


  • willrunformartinis
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    Wow! Congrats on the weight loss so far! Just added you 💚
  • Je55ica_79
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    Thank you!
  • haileysluv
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    Good morning!! Congrats to you on your weight lose. I’ve been so Intimidated by Keto diet. I’m slowly getting into it. I stress myself out by managing my macros. For the most part I’m pretty close. Reaching even close to my calorie intake. Good luck on your journey. Question, how do I add friends? I’m fairly new to the community. I’ve only been using this app to log.
  • Je55ica_79
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    Thank you! I'm new to the community too and not sure. But I got your friend request so I'm guessing you figured it out before me 🤗 thank you so much!