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Any other veggies with IBS out there?



  • GottaBurnEmAllGottaBurnEmAll Posts: 7,724Member Member Posts: 7,724Member Member
    naomi8888 wrote: »
    As above I also recommend the Monash University app. The best thing for me was that I went through a whole elimination diet with a nutritionist (over a couple of months) and found my trigger foods. You mentioned raw vegetables - they are really triggering! Also onions and garlic are the worst... also, not surprisingly beans are bad too. A bit of trial and error and you'll get there.

    It's so funny how everyone is different. I'm fine with onions, garlic and beans. But yeah, raw veggies are a big no. And nuts and seeds? Oh bigger no.
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  • KLD145KLD145 Posts: 106Member, Premium Member Posts: 106Member, Premium Member
    Hi naomi8888
    Does the Monash app scan UK foods??
    Also at my appointment I was told to stop probiotics for now as I need to see what foods are having an effect on the gut. Probiotics can do the same thing as there are different strains. So they should be introduced when your symptom free.
    Also does anyone know about lactose and Greek yoghurt. I’m supposed to take lactose out for now but hate the lactose free products.
    Greek yoghurt is supposed to be made differently so does not have the lactose sugar properties I’m supposed to avoid.
  • AutumLeafAutumLeaf Posts: 125Member Member Posts: 125Member Member
    @KLD145 I don't know about lacto free Greek yogurt sorry the only lacto free ones I know are the alpro one but for some reason they make me ill. I can have lacto free cheese but not lacto free milk or yogurt, even though the it's the same brand :S there's even some soya yogurts that make me very ill too but I can have the alpro soya go pro yogurts. My bowels literally have a mind of its own!
  • rebelsue2rebelsue2 Posts: 41Member Member Posts: 41Member Member
    100% look into FODMAPS... Guarantee you'll have at least 1-2 things on there that make you feel yuck! and they're usually veggies and things you don't expect. Also I've not got Celiac but I cannot eat Wheat.... I'd say try cutting out most things with FODMAPS then try introducing them one by one after a few weeks you'll see what's causing the issues..... I have issues with avocado, onions, peppers....
  • AutumLeafAutumLeaf Posts: 125Member Member Posts: 125Member Member
    Yes I was so shocked when I figured out that salads and raw veg, onion & garlic makes me ill. I'm like but they're healthy 😭😭😭 finding it hard to grasp that healthy food makes me ill. I can understand processed food making someone ill but not healthy natural foods @rebelsue2
  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Posts: 715Member Member Posts: 715Member Member
    What I get concerned with is that a lot of people with IBS eliminate fiber because it makes them feel awful. If your Microbiome mix is significantly "off", yes, fiber will make you feel like garbage. I do consulting/recruiting with start-ups and I'm really very interested in a lot of the VC (Venture Capital) dollars going into drug discovery related to the Microbiome and Metagenomics (the DNA study of everything in the human microbiome and how it affects us).

    What they are finding out is we suck as a society at eating fiber. Our ancestors, throughout history, ate as much as 100 grams of fiber. Because of that, our bacterial mix in our gut isn't what nature intended, as a result of all the fast food, processed food, excess sugar, etc. I get concerned when people with IBS start saying, "don't eat garlic, onions, beans or raw veggies...". Why? Because, ironically, you're getting sick because when you eat those things, it's not that you're "allergic" to them, it's because those are Prebiotics, that help grow whatever it is in your digestive system at the present time. If your digestive system, quite frankly, is filled with garbage bacteria, you're going to grow more garbage (likely) in the short term. But only by eating fiber do you grow the right strains of bacteria long-term is what the latest research is finding out.

    If you haven't been eating 40 grams of fiber a day for years, it's likely your gut is massively dysfunctional and you could avoiding the very things that could turn it around - garlic, onions, raw veggies, tart berries, cranberries (polyphenols).

  • li3313li3313 Posts: 12Member Member Posts: 12Member Member
    Hi :) I have Crohn's disease and IBS & have been vegetarian for over a year, I also have intolerances to soya, egg white, fish, peanut and milk, it's hard to avoid all though because lots of other things also flare my Crohn's up. some days I can eat something fine then the next time I will suffer. It's trial and error.
  • lizzieanne2002lizzieanne2002 Posts: 97Member Member Posts: 97Member Member
    I was prescribed motalin and it helped massively. Also peppermint gum or sucking on polo seemed to help sometimes.
  • nowine4menowine4me Posts: 3,860Member, Premium Member Posts: 3,860Member, Premium Member
    It’s so odd how IBS can be so different for people. I had it for years and years, diarrhea and cramps after most meals. What worked for me was cutting out drinking pretty much completely and getting lots of sleep and exercise. From a diet standpoint, cutting meat and dairy made all the difference.
  • KLD145KLD145 Posts: 106Member, Premium Member Posts: 106Member, Premium Member
    I’m just starting FODMAP. First few days. Had a few hiccups but getting there.
    I can’t take lactose and hate the alternatives. Is Greek yoghurt ok. ???It’s processed different to other diary.
    But feeling slightly better already. Have to check all products though.
  • KLD145KLD145 Posts: 106Member, Premium Member Posts: 106Member, Premium Member
    Sorry autumn leaf.
    Just saw your message. I can’t stand the taste and not sure it makes much difference.
    Lucky I’m not a big diary eater. Just like a bit of Greek yoghurt. May try lactase tablets when I fancy it. See if that works.
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