Why am I so thirsty?

Hey guys. Weird question, but since I have started losing weight I am constantly thirsty. I used to not really drink much water except after a workout because I just didn't feel like I 'needed' it. Suddenly now I'm drinking 2000 to 2500 ml of water per day because I genuinely crave it. Just curious if theres a reason for this? I'm getting up to pee almost once an hour at work, and waking up twice a night for it as well.

Is this normal? I've been losing weight for about 3 weeks now.


  • Machka9
    Machka9 Posts: 23,689 Member
    2000 to 2500 ml of water per day is normal.

    Or are you drinking other things in addition to that like coffee, tea, diet soft drinks, etc.?
  • yirara
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    Too little salt can cause thirst. Have you reduced it?
  • Anniebotnen
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    Water is stored in our fat cells along with the fat, and is released when stored fat is metabolized. That, along with you drinking more than you used to, would account for the need to pee more often. However, needing to go every hour sounds excessive. You may have a low grade UTI or other issue. If it continues, I think you should see a doctor to make sure there’s no underlying health issue.
  • Dilvish
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    Best advice is go see a doctor. Waking up at night to pee more often is generally uncommon for someone your age. having to go every hour may also be an issue. It could be a simple urinary infection or nothing at all but always err on the side of caution and see a professional.