Need accountability buddies!!

Hanna3831 Posts: 11 Member
Hi I’m Hanna. 39 years old. I have well over 100lbs to lose! Anyone want to be an accountability buddy? Please add me!


  • kayleamoi87
    kayleamoi87 Posts: 4 Member
    I also want a buddy and need to lose over 100 lbs.
  • deanaslone
    deanaslone Posts: 5 Member
    I hear ya!! Me too! I’m already noticing the 6 lbs I’ve lost and keep telling myself how great it I will feel in the end. I myself love healthier foods but have a hubby that has no interest in most of them.
  • theUndauntedMom
    theUndauntedMom Posts: 18 Member
    @deanaslone - I hear ya! My hubby likes healthy food but also likes to buy stuff in bulk at Sam's so we end up with lots of snack stuff. I have to hide it from myself in the pantry!
  • theUndauntedMom
    theUndauntedMom Posts: 18 Member
    @Hanna3831 - What kind of accountability do you want? I am much better at generally being encouraging but I can try to ask you about your goal on a periodic basis if you would like.
  • geena8682
    geena8682 Posts: 1 Member
    I would be keen as well
  • Lo•li•ta
    Lo•li•ta Posts: 1 Member
    Hey guys, add me! I'be got 30 pounds to lose but it's time specific now, which means I need to be a little more onto it than I have been. I'm looking to be held accountable with my food especially!
  • theUndauntedMom
    theUndauntedMom Posts: 18 Member
    This weekend I am going to be accountable for keeping my calorie count under control even if it is the weekend.