Starting over once again

My fitness life is a roller coaster. I go from running and eating well back to eating and barely moving. As such my happy weight of 200 creeps back in and then I kick my own butt. Well this year I turned 45 and the weight settled at 207. Serious wake up call. Underwear didn’t fit, flexibility was decreasing and happiness was muted. So back to MFP and mindful eating and an extra lap with the dogs and this month I dropped to 197.5. It’s a start but it’s also proof that my determination is not defunct. I have a half marathon in April with its own goals attached. I can do this AGAIN. So glad for this forum and the opportunity to share.


  • Kaybnrs
    Kaybnrs Posts: 7 Member
    Sounds like my struggles! Well welcome back and hang in there love.
  • 2snakeswoman
    2snakeswoman Posts: 655 Member
    Me too - on again, off again in a seemingly endless cycle of going nowhere. So, let me end this with on again.
  • NHDaisy2
    NHDaisy2 Posts: 151 Member
    I've also done the on again/off again routine. This last time my off again was shorter so I think maybe that is some progress. I did gain a few lbs. but, I didn't gain it all back and got myself back on track before I went down that road.
  • loserbaer
    loserbaer Posts: 15 Member
    Yahoo! Here’s to “on again” and to being “losers” again 😉💕
  • DeeKayHimes
    DeeKayHimes Posts: 3 Member
    Same here!! Restarting my journey. This is my first day!!