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"One"-derful Moment

Pete1964AKPete1964AK Posts: 81Member Member Posts: 81Member Member
I don't post much, if at all, but this morning, I really wanted to just share a little of my overly excited self's news.

I've been on MFP for several years, been a consistent yo-yo dieter, going between 267 and 215 each time. This time, when I started on Sept 1, I resolved this would be my last time.

Since then, 152 days logged on MFP, I logged and weighed everything until the Christmas holidays, and haven't quite got back to being so meticulous since then.
I started at 257 lbs. Today, for the first time in probably around 40 years, I am under 200 lbs.
At 6'2, I'm 4 lbs away from being in the BMI normal range.

Just wanted to share my happiness and let any other mid 50s guys out there know, that it can be done.


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