Who's all having success with Keto?

I'm having success too! Let's add each other and discuss how we're all maintaining and obstacles.


  • Running_and_Coffee
    Running_and_Coffee Posts: 811 Member
    I have been on it for a year. It was great for weight loss and it's been good for keeping it off, too. Feel free to add me. There is also both a keto board and a low carb high fat board that might be a better place...this is more of a "general" type board, FWIW.
  • CordlessElme
    CordlessElme Posts: 2 Member
    I've been on it for 4 days now. I use the urine keto strips to confirm ketosis. I water faster for 60 hours and ate the 3rd day. I'm feeling really good. I'm just trying to decide if the black coffee I just bought from a local cafe is keto friendly. Like I know it has no carbs, but I heard there's a tangent regarding an insulin spike messing with keto, so I'll probably just throw it away. It was 2 bucks, not a huge loss.
  • patrickaa5
    patrickaa5 Posts: 70 Member
    Not me. I only lasted 10 days before I got bored and missed my carby foods. I decided it wasn't worth it and went back to just eating what I want and tracking calories - which worked to the tune of 55lbs lost during the last 7 months. Can't live without my Mexican food and ice cream!