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Is myfitnesspal healthy longterm?



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    My view is MFP is what you want to make of is a can be a support system..and a place to vent and just connect with a variety of people..who have different opinions on weight loss. It is also helpful to learn the calories of the foods you eat.

    What I think is unhealthy about a lot of the vibe on MFP.. is the "eat what you want and fit it in your calories." be it junk, fast food... and processed foods. You do lose weight.. and losing weight is more healthy than being overweight. But, how much you weigh is just a component to true overall good health.. The MFP focus is CICO..and nutrition, whole foods... fitness for life.... are underplayed and not emphasized.

    So use MFP for you... make it fit your it short term or for life.

    ^^ this. Exactly my thoughts on the MFP vibe.

    If this is the vibe you get can you please show posts to support it. I have never read on these boards to eat what you want if it fits your calories. I have read that what you eat does not affect weight loss, but how much you eat which is always followed by the warning that what you eat will affect your overall health.

    The problem is that some people believe certain foods are actually harmful in themselves (ie regardless of the dose). This is frankly nonsense, IMO, but it’s a viewpoint that gets reinforced by every restrictive fad diet out there.

    Fad diets are very hard for most people long term. Completely eliminating all food groups and macro types. The original post was asking if mfp tracking was unhealthy. I was simply talking of an alternative way for some people who dont want to track. Food choice can have a massive effect on food volume eaten in a day.

    **edit** if needed I can post links to several studies that show this.
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