Back on track!

Hi everyone! I'm Ariadne from the beautiful city of Athens, Greece. My weight loss journey started in May 2018. I weighed about 90 kgs then (which is quite a lot, as I'm quite a short European at 158 cm.) and with diet, exercise and the help of my dearest dietitian I've lost 21 kgs (for US - based people, that is from 198.4 pounds to 152). I've unfortunately failed to follow my schedule during the festive period and now I'm back on track, as I hate the idea of gaining all this weight back, especially since both my appearance and my quality of life is much better now. I found this site from YouTube videos and I hope it will be helpful for the final act of my weight loss plan, which is another 11 kgs (down to about 126 pounds). So, hi all once again, and best of luck!

Feel free to add me and share your back on track motivation!


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    Yasoo! Ariadne, best of luck sounds like u r back on track to reach your goals! This is great. U really have to change your way of life adopting a new way of thinking, eating and daily exercise. I think u got this though my friend!