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Hi all, I am not an entire noob to the gym.. i've used the machines off and on over the years. I follow the instructions on the machine. the 30 minute training circuit at the gym is 12 reps per machine with step cardio for a minute in between each machine .

If you're doing the machines at the heaviest you can tolerate or near the heaviest you can tolerate is 12 reps a good amount for building muscle?

are there any pro tips for using these machines?

I know there are references on the web and I've searched for them before but it seems like much of the info doesn't apply to people like me who aren't trying to cut or get ripped or whatever.

I just want to avoid losing muscle in my weightloss journey and maybe build a little in hopes of gaining more fat burning ability.


  • mreenis
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    machines have their place but you will see far better results if you exercise with dumbells and the long bar if you have them available. The rep range for muscle building is between 8 - 12 reps. If you can get 12 reps you should increase the weight.
    Also I would do my weight work first and finish, then do any type of cardio ideally after the session or better still on a totally seperate day.
  • astartig
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    the machines are the only thing I'll work with. Open weights and dumbells are a recipe for disaster with me. If I process that as the only way something will work I'll end up not doing anything.

    the way i've been doing it is doing 6 reps at a comfortable heaviness level and then upping it one more for the last six reps.
  • samuelsson
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    Do you want to primarily gain muscle mass or tone the muscle that you have? Either way, weight lifting will build muscle. But fewer reps at near-maximum weight will build muscle mass; more reps at a lower weight will help you strengthen and tone your muscle (there will still be some building, of course).

    If you're going to do machines, that's fine! Machines exist for a reason. =) But the number of reps, sets, and weight depends on your goals.
  • Most courses or systems for muscle building allow you to experience maximum results and gains.
    So, if you are just wanting to keen muscles fairly toned while you loose fat then I suggest you follow
    a professional routine but reduce it according to what minimal results you want.

    Most people want to sculpt and shape their body when building muscle but if you just want a simple
    method of keeping your muscle density while burning fat then maybe go with what I mentioned above.

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