26 5”1 168lbs goal weight 125! Who is with me ?πŸ’ͺ🏾

Who else is around my height with the same goal weight? And how long are you giving yourself to meet your goal? For me it’s a lifestyle change πŸ’ͺ🏾


  • nooshi713
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    I am 5'0", 128 lbs now and my goal weight is 120 lbs. It is very slow going for me.
  • Running2Fit
    Running2Fit Posts: 702 Member
    I’m 5’0” started at 190, currently 142, goal weight is 120.

    I don’t have a deadline to get there but I’m currently losing about 1 lb a week. If I continue at that rate then I should hit my goal sometime in July. My weight loss will probably slow a bit more though as I get closer so August-September may be more realistic.
  • LovelySavannah
    LovelySavannah Posts: 145 Member
    Almost in the same boat. I'm 5'1, currently 138, goal is 120 lbs. I'm shooting to reach the goal before my birthday (July), and maintain or build muscle afterwards, I'll wait until I see where my body is at then. :)
  • wallflower_17
    wallflower_17 Posts: 15 Member
    I'm 5'1" and currently 173 - I started at 204ish last year. My progress has been really slow thus far, so I'm trying to keep my expectations at a reasonable level - I'm hoping to get down to 147 this year and then ultimately around 125 next year.
  • Biancabhi
    Biancabhi Posts: 24 Member
    5'1 and 160 pounds. Goal weight for now is 130..it used to be 120 but I have been so frustrated with slow or no weight loss and even a little bit of gain after getting off track that I will be happy ar 130 lol. Please add me anyone! My diary is open and would love any tips from others.
  • NvrGivUpM8
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    I am here to support and motivate you!
  • TayaCurragh
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    I'm similar, I'm 4"10 and my goal weight is 125. I currently weigh 151.
    My progress started well, I lost about 15 but haven't had any progress since the autumn. I actually put on 6 pounds over Christmas so I'm working on that for now!

    Feel free to add me, I have an open diary.
  • sassypandabear
    sassypandabear Posts: 21 Member
    I'm 5'1 and 165 pounds. My goal weight is anywhere between 110-125, depending on how I feel when I reach 125. feel free to add me!
  • newedith89
    newedith89 Posts: 1 Member
    5'6 now at 168 lbs. My short goal weight is 165 then aiming to 150. Slowly but surely, and most of all a lifestyle change.
  • KIC127
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    5’1” currently 157, goal 120!
  • MaxInChicago
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    Who else is around my height with the same goal weight? And how long are you giving yourself to meet your goal? For me it’s a lifestyle change πŸ’ͺ🏾

    Seeing it as a lifestyle change is the totally right approach. In my experience fad diets don't work. A change if habits does. Progress will be slow, but it will be real and lasting progress. All the best to you and everyone here!
  • nooshi713
    nooshi713 Posts: 4,873 Member
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    My new Goal is 115 lbs.
  • panduhburr
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    5’3. 143. Goal is 135 for now.
  • AlyssaNSawyer0930
    AlyssaNSawyer0930 Posts: 2 Member
    I’m 21, 5’6 but I weigh 170 and my goal is 125!! I need some friends to help push me! I’d love to support each other through our journeys!!
  • kttyson
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    5’1, 150l/bs hoping to get down to 115. I’m hoping to loose 1-2 l/bs a week. Wanting to keep it off. Started in 2013 when I tipped 200 (I was living in Japan and was eating too many sweets). Got down to 120 but ended up having a bunch of surgeries over the past 5 years. So now I have the last 35 to work, and keep, off. Support to not fall off always appreciated
  • jaclynmorris8
    jaclynmorris8 Posts: 2 Member
    5’2 139 Ibs my short term goal is 130, long term goal 120. Since finishing school in May I lost 20 Ibs and decided to return back to MFP. I plan on reaching my short term goal by June. I’m down with supporting and encouraging one another.