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Struggling to lose weight

duddy89duddy89 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
Can someone help.... been on a strict diet for 2 weeks now l, and started a weight training reignite. I eat 3 meals a day, and watch my macros (please see my diary) and I’ve gained half a stone? Can anyone advise what’s going wrong or how to address?


  • angelsjaangelsja Posts: 804Member Member Posts: 804Member Member
  • sijomialsijomial Posts: 15,253Member Member Posts: 15,253Member Member
    Two weeks and you have started a new weight training regime....

    Soreness/inflammation/water retention would be my guess.

    "Watching your macros" - you need to watch your calories too, calories determine fat loss or gain.
    "3 meals a day" - the number of meals isn't really relevant beyond adherence.

    FYI - your diary is private. You would need to change your setting to make it public.
  • musicfan68musicfan68 Posts: 810Member Member Posts: 810Member Member
    Are you weighing your food on a food scale? If not, you are probably eating more calories than you think you are.
  • steveko89steveko89 Posts: 1,313Member Member Posts: 1,313Member Member
    If you are strength training it is possible you gained muscle weight

    Yeah, not 7 lbs of muscle in that amount of time. As sijomial stated, could be water retention from new-to-you exercise and overall calories are more important than the specific macro breakdown for fat loss. Personally, I've experienced the most success by far when my logging is meticulously accurate and I can guarantee I'm in control of my intake. If you're eating back any of your exercise calories you could be cancelling out any deficit you're trying to create as most measuring/calculating methods are woefully inaccurate.
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