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Dear 16 year old me



  • gcibsthom
    gcibsthom Posts: 29,555 Member
    1. Don't get married.....2. Enjoy every day as if it were your last (because someday you will be right...)
  • PaperDoll_
    PaperDoll_ Posts: 32,546 Member
    Don't argue with your mother so much because she's not always going to be there.

    And maybe.. just maybe… skip the glitter eyeshadow. :D
  • lx1x
    lx1x Posts: 38,275 Member
    PaperDoll_ wrote: »
    And maybe.. just maybe… skip the glitter eyeshadow. :D

    Picture or didnt happen..lol

    16yo me.. stop being a nerd..
  • Egger29
    Egger29 Posts: 14,741 Member
    Knock it off!
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    Leave school now, 16 year old me, get your GED and go to college early.
    Don't work full-time in college. Focus on studies more than other things.
    When it's offered, do the study abroad thing too - it will NOT kill you to be apart from your friends & boyfriend for a few months.
    Live with your dad & stepmom until you finish college. It will be much easier on you financially, even though I know you want total independence.
  • granitepeak1981
    granitepeak1981 Posts: 148 Member
    This too shall pass, this isn’t a real struggle, enjoy the ride and stop day dreaming about yesterday and live in today while planning tomorrow
  • Reckoner67
    Reckoner67 Posts: 3,344 Member
    Don't struggle so much to figure it all out, just slow down and...whatever, you're not gonna listen to me anyway. Do yer own thing
  • you took the road less traveled and were very successful - save a little each week forever. stop being overly nice and helping others that you are not responsible for - they can tend to themselves. focus more on yourself. don't get married the second time but still have your kids - and don't send that one email that jammed you up for years in the middle of ct corruption - yes you ultimately won but its not worth it. <3
  • kali31337
    kali31337 Posts: 1,048 Member
    Stop thinking your fat, you are BEAUTIFUL and the older you will do anything to wear your jeans again. Also your mother is going to be your best friend so be nicer to her. Be aware of that heartbreak in college will affect your decisions forever so be more aware of what's going on.
  • RomaineCalm
    RomaineCalm Posts: 3,972 Member
    Your hair looks better when worn down and bangs are always a bad idea.
    You're not fat. Stop obsessing over stomach rolls when you sit down.
    Smile more, your teeth aren't that bad.

    You're gonna be just fine, kiddo.
  • NCK96
    NCK96 Posts: 146 Member
    Quit being intimidated by guys. High school boys are all pretty clueless. (I can say this now as the mother of 2 teenage boys!)
  • cariwaldick
    cariwaldick Posts: 189 Member
    Get out of your own way! Don't quit band your senior year. Don't get serious with your boyfriend. Flirt more, worry less. Study and get better grades. Don't let the bullies get to you; you're better than they are.
  • JaneAero
    JaneAero Posts: 93 Member
    edited March 2019
    Have a difficult conversation with my mum about where my dad might be, he left home when I was 4 and I wasn't allowed to talk about him.
    And don't take the last bus home that evening, go back into the hospital, talk, tell your mum you love her & will miss her your whole life, it was my mums last night on earth.
    (After she died I searched for 44 years and never found my dad).
  • Anna022119
    Anna022119 Posts: 544 Member
    Go to university! Much easier than working and studying at the same time.

    Oh and don't marry him! Go travel instead and find your 'soulmate'. Your older self now knows he's there. Just be patient please.

    Spend more time with your sister, she's missing you.
  • Sanziene_La_Fe
    Sanziene_La_Fe Posts: 100 Member
    You made good decision and I’ll always love you for it. 😘