Losing +75 lbs with Keto or Low Carb

Hello fellow losers! But in the GOOD way! I’m following a Keto type diet - not strict. More lazy Keto/dirty Keto. I’ve done ok, but have a long way to go (more than 100 lbs ultimately). Just wanted to post to see if we could get together online to support, motivate and uplift each other.

As a big girl with a lot of weight to drop, it’s a struggle. Emotional eating is an issue as well as eating the carb filled crap that’s easy to pop on the microwave. Recipe suggestions, batch cooking ideas, quick fix lunches are welcomed!


  • Just sent you a request!
  • rosiesau
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    That's awesome I'm a keto person to I've lost a lot of weight feel very healthy...keto on
  • BGingerTX
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    I’m in! Been doing Keto with great results and feeling good. Strayed the last couple of weeks and am struggling to get in.
  • BabeMeister83
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    I have been doing keto for a little while now. I am loving the results and the way I feel. Still need to lose about 100lbs more.
  • BGingerTX
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    How do y'all keep track of whether or not you are in ketosis? Urine strips, breath analyzer, blood level?
  • jmcdaniel0
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    I am just a few weeks in to the keto lifestyle. Man it has not been easy. I never really gave much thought to how many carbs we eat a day, and now that I am cutting them out I realize just how bad my diet was.
  • destroycreaterise
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    Dirty lazy keto here.I love it!Down 13 pounds since April 21.I eat ALL the bunless bacon cheeseburgers:)!!
  • tanishadw
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    I'm down 8lbs in my first five days somehow :open_mouth:

    Would be nice to have more friends so feel free to add :)