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My journey from barely walking to 175lb deadlifts

leenas_diariesleenas_diaries Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
For over two decades, I have made every attempt to stay fit. I loved cardio and the feeling of “high” that came from running and sweating it out.
18 months ago, I started suffering from extreme low back pain to the point where standing, sitting and bending became excruciating painful. An MRI indicated “degenerative disc disease at L4–5 with a small central disc protrusion with edema and a mild disc bulge at L5-S1”. Physicians advised against running to prevent putting pressure on lumbar spine. Physical therapy and yoga helped a lot. I started strength training and spent first few months learning about the right form. .
My journey over the last year and a half has been nothing short of phenomenal. I went from barely walking to recently maxing out on 175 lbs deadlift. This may not seem like a lot to those in strength training community, but this was a huge achievement for me ☺️
I wanted to share my experience and what I learned from my mistakes with the hope that it can help someone struggling with the similar issues. If my posts help even one person, I would be thrilled and consider my mission accomplished!

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  • FflpnariFflpnari Posts: 555Member Member Posts: 555Member Member
    amazing story!!! How is your pain now?
  • leenas_diariesleenas_diaries Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
    thanks @Fflpnari! the pain is gone for the most part but if I don’t pay attention to my form or if I walk for long periods of time like 8-10 hours, it does come back. So just need to keep it in check.

  • MizMandy1984MizMandy1984 Posts: 8Member Member Posts: 8Member Member
    Wow, I have the same thing going on. I've been worried about starting to lift because of it.
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