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Which Gym should I join?



  • KettleTOKettleTO Member Posts: 161 Member Member Posts: 161 Member
    It sounds like swimming is your primary form of cardio. Can you swim anywhere else? Where I live only the Ys (few and far between) and super highend clubs have pools, the chain gyms do not have pools (or pools for swimming lengths) and the city's rec centres have pools but have poor weight rooms. The Y is not convenient for me, so I'm a member of a chain gym (corporate discount and 2 minutes from my office) and use a city's pool (5 minutes from home). It is a challenge enough to fit in workouts weekdays, having to "commute" to the gym or the pool only makes it more challenging, especially since I commute by transit.

    If other pools are not an option, go for LA Fitness if you will use it.

  • NoExcusesFromNowOnNoExcusesFromNowOn Member Posts: 76 Member Member Posts: 76 Member
    I'm lazy so would not want the long drive.
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