Do you weigh yourself whilst on your period?

I personally don't see the point because that week while on your period is skewed anyway. I'm wondering what are the reasons of someone who does weigh themselves on their period.


  • lalalacroix
    lalalacroix Posts: 834 Member
    Definitely. Whenever one decides to show up!
  • guil0095
    guil0095 Posts: 327 Member
    I'm with @Duck_Puddle !!!
  • zeejane03
    zeejane03 Posts: 993 Member
    I weigh myself every day for the data.
  • puffbrat
    puffbrat Posts: 2,806 Member
    Yet another daily weigher. I'm on my period right now and still weighing daily.
  • kimny72
    kimny72 Posts: 16,023 Member
    When I was losing weight, yes. I usually weighed several times a week (forgot on some days) and liked to see the data. It also helped me get used to weight fluctuations and not to panic every time the scale didn't say what I wanted it to.

    Now that I'm in maintenance, I don't weigh myself on a schedule, just whatever mornings all the variables line up so I can get on the scale in the right condition. And I rarely weigh myself during because between water weight and digestive differences I know it's gonna be a weird number and I don't have anything left to learn from it.
  • mbaker566
    mbaker566 Posts: 11,233 Member
    i weigh every day. it's just a data point in the trend.
  • Mouse_Potato
    Mouse_Potato Posts: 1,480 Member
    Not everyone experiences weight fluctuations whilst on her period.
  • jesspen91
    jesspen91 Posts: 1,383 Member
    Yes. I weight myself every day. Sometimes my period might cause a fluctuation (although not every month) but it all evens out in the end
  • lalalacroix
    lalalacroix Posts: 834 Member
    I get my water gain about one week before period and weight drops day before/day of period. So no reason for me to not weigh.
  • stricklee11
    stricklee11 Posts: 218 Member
    I still do knowing the scale shows a heavier weight than I actually am. I weigh myself weekly though
  • sardelsa
    sardelsa Posts: 9,812 Member
    I do. My weight doesn't really change much.
  • ruqayyahsmum
    ruqayyahsmum Posts: 1,507 Member
    I weigh myself every day
    I see upswings in weight around my period, ovulation, after more intense exercise, after a high carb or salt meal, when travelling

    It's all just data, so long as the overall trend is downwards all's good
  • Jackie9003
    Jackie9003 Posts: 1,101 Member
    Yep, I weigh every day regardless and use a trend app.
  • AutumLeaf
    AutumLeaf Posts: 126 Member
    It's been interesting reading your responses thank you :)
  • rosiorama
    rosiorama Posts: 300 Member
    Another daily weigher here. I like seeing the overall trend.

    Some things - like a late supper... or pizza night -affect my weight more than my period does. The upward bumps in my weight used to bother me; now it’s just my routine.