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Gracy22Gracy22 Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
I have been on this change of diet for over 2 1/2 months, need to lose 100lb's so I can have knee replacements. I eat every 2 hours consisting of protein, fruit and veggies and a few special k chips and I stay withing 1000 to 1200 calories a day. I exercise daily due to knee problems and I'm trying to strengthen my legs it has worked but I'm afraid that is why my lack of weight loss is just awful.
Your welcome to look at my daily menu's, my problem is my weight is just wavering back and forth between 5 pounds for about the last month. I have recently mellowed out on the exercise thinking that was why I go down 5lbs then go up 5 lbs.
Yes I know menopause isn't in my favor but come on kick this girl some helpful hints.
I don't know what to do and on the verge to just eat to my hearts content. Please advise anything?

Thank you for listening


  • poohpoohpeapodpoohpoohpeapod Member Posts: 776 Member Member Posts: 776 Member
    if you need to lose 100lbs 1200 caloris is not enough. Also some people do better on 3 larger meals a day and a small snack. Try different things until you hit on what works. WHEn I had 100lbs to lose I ate 1700 calories per day.
  • poohpoohpeapodpoohpoohpeapod Member Posts: 776 Member Member Posts: 776 Member
    you need to open your diary if you want suggestions.
  • Ladygirl14Ladygirl14 Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    Need to be aware of your sodium and sugar. I was having the same problem, but didn't have as much to lose. Don't give up!
  • savagedaisysavagedaisy Member Posts: 9 Member Member Posts: 9 Member
    I agree, 1200 is way too low if you're trying to lose 100 lbs. You exercise too, so, you get extra calories to eat :-)
  • dawnoverbdawnoverb Member Posts: 8 Member Posts: 8
    I have 80 lbs to lose before my surgery, and I can tell you from experience. I was on a two week plateau (scale moved up and down every day but never really gained or lost) I took one meal and mini-splurged. That kicked it in for me! The next day I lost 2 lbs! I am on a special protein sparing modified fast from dr and the dr advised I need to jolt my metabolism. Honestly, it has been going down almost daily. You need to make sure you are eating enough so your body doesn't think it's starving. I had a hard time with accepting a splurge meal (not a lot, just a few extra calories for the day) but it really did work. Make sure you are eating enough:)
  • Gracy22Gracy22 Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    Sorry the diary is open now. I just need help I have lost 100 lb years ago by the 1200 cal diet. But don't really know what
    else to do... A diet Dr once told me that that was the only way to lose so my mind is still on that way of thinking.
  • mockchocmockchoc Member Posts: 6,375 Member Member Posts: 6,375 Member
    Sorry the diary is open now. I just need help I have lost 100 lb years ago by the 1200 cal diet. But don't really know what
    else to do... A diet Dr once told me that that was the only way to lose so my mind is still on that way of thinking.

    Many of us on here have done a similar thing with eating around 1200 and that is why we have ended up back on here. It rarely works. What works is eating more calories. The weight loss can take longer to come off but it should be easier to keep it off.

    Do you know what your TDEE is?
  • CrochetluvrCrochetluvr Member Posts: 3,118 Member Member Posts: 3,118 Member
    Just checked out your diary. You really DO need to eat more. Your body is thinking you are experiencing a famine....its going to hold onto as much as it can. You eat a little more and it realizes you don't need the fat as much, and it lets go.

    Most days you aren't even getting to 1000 calories. Don't do that to yourself. Eat...don't deprive yourself. Everything in moderation. It WILL come off.
  • Donald_Dozier_50Donald_Dozier_50 Member Posts: 395 Member Member Posts: 395 Member
    I have a knee replacement and had it at about 30 lbs. over weight. That, along with other serious health issues left me completely inactive for several years when I ended up 105 lbs. over weight. If you have no choice but the knee replacement you obviously have to go that route but I can assure you that losing the weight before is definitely important but just s important is the fact that your activity level will be low for a year or so after so do what I failed to do and adjust your eating habits accordingly or you will put the weight back on really fast.

    What I always tell anyone looking at having a knee replacement is to hold off as long as possible, they have a limited lifetime of 10, 12 or even 15 years which is why doctors delay it as much as possible. Second knee replacements take much longer to recover from and I a told a third is pretty much out of the question. I had mine at 47 years old since there was absolutely no choice but in the future I will have difficult decisions to make.
  • PikaKnightPikaKnight Member Posts: 35,606 Member Member Posts: 35,606 Member
    Have you thought about working with a registered dietitian?
  • Chelsey2016Chelsey2016 Member Posts: 43 Member Member Posts: 43 Member

    Don"t give up! weight loss journeys can be very discouraging at times however, once you reach your goal all this effort will be worth it. I wounder if you are in-taking too little calories and it is putting your body in starvation mode; which makes it much harder to lose weight. Also, i suggest swimming for a lot of your exercise that should be much easier on your knees. I wish you much luck! Keep trying you should see results soon. You can do it!!!

  • greymane98greymane98 Member Posts: 29 Member Member Posts: 29 Member
    I agree it looks like you are under eating here and putting your weight loss into a stall as your body doesn't want to let anything go. It is no wonder you feel awful. Recommend you calculate your BMR/TDEE so you know how many calories your body requires every day just to function. You can't continuously eat hugely below it without causing yourself lots of problems.

    One site you can use to calculate it is

    If you filled everything out on here (MFP) right you should be eating just under 2k calories a day based on your diary. I am assuming that is at a 2 pound/week loss. For heavens sake, get close to this amount as it should already be taking into account you are setting yourself at a calorie deficit. Just make sure you are logging everything you eat as that is where most of the problems occur.

    If your doctor told you under 1200 calories and you are wanting to lose 80+ pounds, you need to be talking to another doctor and probably a nutritionist as I find it very difficult to believe that is sound advise based on your post and your diary.
  • mellawella77mellawella77 Member Posts: 35 Member Member Posts: 35 Member
    Along with suggestions regarding diet you may need to kick up you workout routine too. Add some freehand weights 3-5 lbs and do some chair exercises with them also try some pool exercises or swimming which is always recommended for people with knee problems. You can burn a lot of cals swimming.
  • TheRealParisLoveTheRealParisLove Member Posts: 1,919 Member Member Posts: 1,919 Member
    Do you log your food before you actually eat it or do you log meals after the fact?

    It is a good habit to weigh and measure your food, then log it, then enjoy your meal. This gives you some good perspective as to what you are actually eating, that way you don't forget or underestimate what you are actually eating.

    I've found that I won't lose any weight unless I spend at least an hour or two a day feeling pretty hungry. It's just a couple of hours, so I can deal with it. But I do find that it is necessary to feel hungry for a while every day to see any weight loss.
  • MrsFowler1069MrsFowler1069 Member Posts: 657 Member Member Posts: 657 Member
    Well, it has clearly been covered, but while it seems counter-intuitive, it is nonetheless true that to effectively lose, you must eat. Besides, it's so much more enjoyable. : ) Hang in there.
  • Gracy22Gracy22 Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    I thank you all so much for your wonderful suggestions and I have spoken to a very wise person here and I'm going to try increasing my cal and plan my meals. I do weigh my proteins and I do log everything.... I'm going to continue my PT because it has truly helped my knee's feel better (last 4 months I have fallen while walking) So I feel that is important. And I agree that I
    do need to wait as long as possible before the replacement surgery..

    And the Diet doctor who told me all that about eating under 1200 can and starting each meal with a salad that would guarantee me a loss of 2 lbs a week has passed (died) and no longer passing his diet judgement onto others. I have to say it did work for awhile. But yes it did come back.
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