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So challenging

pvjupvju Posts: 115Member Member Posts: 115Member Member
Huge whine-fest. Venting. Sorry.

I lost about 25lbs a few years ago using mfp. I got sick and went down to 100lbs last year and in my rush to put some weight back on, went overboard. I’ve been trying to lose around 5-7lbs ever since to no avail.

I’m a small person. Mfp has me at 1200 calories a day, which may not be low enough but that’s as low as they go. It’s nearly impossible to live a normal life and eat that little. It’s not much food! And, I find it very challenging to be at all social and stay on track. If I sequester myself I do better - no temptations.

Excercise makes me ravenous. Honestly, last time I lost weight I used diet pills to suppress my hunger. I couldn’t have done it otherwise. No question.

I know what I need to do:
Drink more water
Exercise moderately
Log my food
Stay with nutrient dense Whole Foods
Stay away from trigger foods and situations
Stop whining and get to it!


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