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Anyone else used Freshly (or similar)?

HoneyBadger155HoneyBadger155 Posts: 1,042Member Member Posts: 1,042Member Member
While I've been doing well on a general, very slow loss, and I'm okay with it being slow, I'd prefer a bit more "steady" loss (over the last year I'd lose a couple pounds, back up 1 or so, then eventually up another half, then drop a couple more - so on and so forth). I've found some ways of eating that work well with my lifestyle for the most part, but still require me to do a fair bit of my own cooking at home and eating frozen leftovers (which I don't find particularly appealing).

Since I live with roommates, I have to clean up immediately after cooking, and using the dishwasher is difficult at best (there are 4 of us in the house). This REALLY decreases my desire to cook, and that's if we're not tripping over each other in the kitchen.

Once again the past couple weeks I started eating out WAY too often. My budget, and especially the scale, do NOT appreciate these choices.

I've had a couple friends who live similar lifestyles who've really come to appreciate a meal delivery service, so I looked around and decided to give Freshly a try. I get my first week of food on March 1.

I know some MFPers use similar services, just wondering who's tried them and what your experiences have been. I liked their options, prices, and the fact that it's heat-n-eat, so I can just grab and go. Quicker than delivery and the food sounds tasty, and the calories about about perfect with some wiggle room.


  • ouryveouryve Posts: 529Member Member Posts: 529Member Member
    I think the odd convenience/easy to prepare meal does make life so much easier, since it's all pre measured. I would do the same in your position.

    None of our similar services (hello fresh, etc) appeal to me but I do mix pre prepared, easy to cook or even prick with a fork components offered by M&S, Waitrose and Sainsburys (all fairly local or convenient for me) with fresh ingredients, most days.
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