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Anyone else used Freshly (or similar)?

HoneyBadger155HoneyBadger155 Posts: 1,096Member Member Posts: 1,096Member Member
While I've been doing well on a general, very slow loss, and I'm okay with it being slow, I'd prefer a bit more "steady" loss (over the last year I'd lose a couple pounds, back up 1 or so, then eventually up another half, then drop a couple more - so on and so forth). I've found some ways of eating that work well with my lifestyle for the most part, but still require me to do a fair bit of my own cooking at home and eating frozen leftovers (which I don't find particularly appealing).

Since I live with roommates, I have to clean up immediately after cooking, and using the dishwasher is difficult at best (there are 4 of us in the house). This REALLY decreases my desire to cook, and that's if we're not tripping over each other in the kitchen.

Once again the past couple weeks I started eating out WAY too often. My budget, and especially the scale, do NOT appreciate these choices.

I've had a couple friends who live similar lifestyles who've really come to appreciate a meal delivery service, so I looked around and decided to give Freshly a try. I get my first week of food on March 1.

I know some MFPers use similar services, just wondering who's tried them and what your experiences have been. I liked their options, prices, and the fact that it's heat-n-eat, so I can just grab and go. Quicker than delivery and the food sounds tasty, and the calories about about perfect with some wiggle room.


  • ouryveouryve Posts: 540Member Member Posts: 540Member Member
    I think the odd convenience/easy to prepare meal does make life so much easier, since it's all pre measured. I would do the same in your position.

    None of our similar services (hello fresh, etc) appeal to me but I do mix pre prepared, easy to cook or even prick with a fork components offered by M&S, Waitrose and Sainsburys (all fairly local or convenient for me) with fresh ingredients, most days.
  • HoneyBadger155HoneyBadger155 Posts: 1,096Member Member Posts: 1,096Member Member
    Got my first delivery on Friday - unfortunately the delivery company gave me someone else's box, but the Freshly customer service was beyond top-notch, so I'm not complaining! Thus far the meals I got, while the combination wasn't my preferred choices, have been good, filling, and the portions are about perfect.

    Also makes tracking a lot easier, and I don't need to worry about overeating. I have enough wiggle room in my daily total to account for the listed calories being a bit low from actual, and still have room for some wine and/or dessert if I'm wanting it, or my protein shake after a workout, and if I'm not very active, the pre-portioned sizes are perfect to keep me on track.

    I'll see if I'm as happy after a few weeks of it, but thus far, I'm pretty happy.
  • vigilant20vigilant20 Posts: 71Member Member Posts: 71Member Member
    I'll be getting my first delivery next Tuesday. I figured it'd cost the same as I've been spending on groceries to make 2 recipes a week. But I'll be getting a variety of meals and missing out on the shopping, cooking, and cleaning.
  • Anon2018Anon2018 Posts: 139Member Member Posts: 139Member Member
    I tried it! It's good but not great - it's like a better/more satisfying lean cuisine. I found the meals with beef and pork to be really meh, but loved the buffalo chicken with cauli mash and the butternut squash risotto with chicken. Chicken tikka masala was good too. Great for a reliable ~500 calorie dinner
  • nocgirl72nocgirl72 Posts: 124Member Member Posts: 124Member Member
    If it helps you lose weight and portion control I think it’s great. Hopefully there’s room in your fridge for all the food with roommates.
  • HoneyBadger155HoneyBadger155 Posts: 1,096Member Member Posts: 1,096Member Member
    On my 3rd delivery now. Agree that the meals are good but not great - BUT, I get a LOT more variety and things to try than if I was doing my own cooking! Besides the fact that I love that it's just grab and go. No excuses, and since the meals are pretty good, I'm not finding it too hard to pass on other (aka eating out) options.

    Once I move (in 2 months) I may look into a cook-it-myself service and swap or reduce the Freshly to one of their smaller options, but for now, I'm pretty happy with it. Some meals I like better than others, some I probably will avoid, but none that were outright "bad."

    Overall, I'm happy and it's working great for me!
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