Free Fitness App?

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Hey everyone! Ive come to a plateau in my journey. Since Thanksgiving 2018 I've lost my mojo. And more recently I have really been struggling with not just nutrition and fitness but my overall mood has been suffering due to a lot of stress. As much as I tell myself that energy begets energy and working out will make me feel better I just am not following thru and doing it. I spend too long looking for the "perfect" youtube video and waste the time I had set aside to actually do something. So, I'm looking for some insight on a free fitness app that might provide a routine and some accountability. So far I'm thinking of starting with the Johnson and Johnson 7 minute workout app - has anyone used this or have any other recs? Thank you!


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    A good pair of shoes and the great outdoors is all you need :D

    Have you ever tried running?
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    dewd2 wrote: »
    A good pair of shoes and the great outdoors is all you need :D

    Have you ever tried running?

    Thanks. I have tried running. Never enjoyed it. I'd give it a try again in the spring. I live in rural new england so road running is sketchy in my neighborhood with the snow and the cold weather kills my asthmatic lungs. Looking for something I can do in my own home for now.
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    Nike Training Club, Hylete, Daily Burn, or pick something from
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    Second Nike training club
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    As far as I know "You are your own gym" is still free. Fantastic app and program. Sounds more like you may want to change things up a bit though if you're in a rut. Find something you enjoy and see if you can tie it to fitness in any way. Get a camera and start hiking where you can in rural NE. Things like that keep me going.
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    Another vote for Nike training app
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    Nice! Thank you - definitely giving Nike Training App a try!