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validated nutritional info

tcollistcollis Posts: 12Member, Premium Member Posts: 12Member, Premium Member
I've come back to using MFP after a few years away.
I seem to remember some years ago that there were "validated" foods in the database that had a tick next to them, but I don't see this any more.
Was I imagining this? :-)
If not, what happened to that approach?
There are so many options in the food database for the same food, and the nutritional info often varies - it's impossible to know which to believe!
Thanks for any insights....


  • prehistoricmoongoddessprehistoricmoongoddess Posts: 369Member Member Posts: 369Member Member
    There are foods still with green ticks by them. Often just basics, for example, sugar
  • lynn_glenmontlynn_glenmont Posts: 6,170Member Member Posts: 6,170Member Member
    Now the "validated" entries are just based on crowdsourcing validation -- if enough users click "yes" on the website that the nutritional information for an entry is correct, it gets a green tick.

    Depending on how long you've been away, you may be remembering a time when the database distinguished between user-created entries and entries created by MFP that replicated entries in the USDA nutritional database.
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