Any other moms looking for community?

I'd love more friends to check in and support each other. Anyone else trying to find balance and time for self care (between working and diapers and baby food?) Let's support each other!


  • Competeballpythons
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    Are you blindfolded in that pic?
  • semck027
    semck027 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in the same boat - 2 kids, working, married, no nearby extended family. I'm stressed out tired all the time and I eat poorly because of it. I'm trying to start exercising again for stress relief, hoping exercising will help me feel like eating better.
  • StargazerB
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    I'm a mom but my kids are 5, 8, and 10. Currently not working but was a bedside nurse for 10 years. I'll be going back to school in August when my littlest starts kinder. But my life is still busy and it's hard to find balance.
  • ifyouonlyknew1492
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    I’m a mom to a DD who is 5. A couple years ago I did a challenge at work and lost 18 lbs. Last year I fell off the wagon as my mom wasn’t doing well and diet and exercise went to the wayside.
    Fast forward to today she passed a year ago and still not in the mindset to make myself a priority. Work in an office until 6, come home, eat dinner, homework, bath, reading and then bed. I have the idea in my head to start working out and eating better, but it’s not happening.
  • roxykona2015
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    I could use some support and friends! Add me !