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I backed out of surgery, and have lost nearly 140 lbs. so far!



  • AmyC2288
    AmyC2288 Posts: 386 Member
    Absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing your story- it's an inspiration for us all.
  • will200
    will200 Posts: 2 Member
    Amazing transformation and story. I liked your comment of: "1,200 high quality calories per day' I makes me wonder of the body's abortion/utilization of those 1,200 calories vs "3,000 low quality calories:"
  • GemimaFitzTed
    GemimaFitzTed Posts: 260 Member
    What a wonderful success story. Congratulations on your journey- you look amazing and your story is an inspiration!
  • Rivers2k
    Rivers2k Posts: 380 Member
    Amazing congrats on your hard work!
  • pinuplove
    pinuplove Posts: 12,871 Member
    :heart: Love this! Well done, OP.
  • queenoscots
    queenoscots Posts: 44 Member
    What a wonderful story and I am proud of you and your journey. Two years ago my husband had 2 heart attacks and consequent by-pass surgery. After that we totally changed our eating habits and were exercising 7 days a week with mostly walking 2 miles each day. I dropped 40 lbs and was loving it. He reached his goal sooner then I did and he was maintaining with his eating and when he stopped, I stopped. I have since put 25 lbs back on, which just makes me sad. Last year was a hard year all around and he was working out of town for the majority of the summer and I was left at home to graze, which I did and that is where most of the weight gain came from. Add that to this long cold, snowy winter we are experiencing and it has been a struggle to get back on the bandwagon again. I got on this app today to start afresh and after reading your story, I am inspired. I too have thought of surgery, but I keep telling myself that I did it once, without and I can do it again. We still walk 8-14 miles a week even with this weather, so now it is the eating I need to get back under control. Thanks for giving me hope!

    Good for you, keeping active during the winter! I live in PA, and the weather has been awful here as well. I never wanted to join a gym, but I had no choice this winter. Best of luck to you!
  • queenoscots
    queenoscots Posts: 44 Member
    will200 wrote: »
    Amazing transformation and story. I liked your comment of: "1,200 high quality calories per day' I makes me wonder of the body's abortion/utilization of those 1,200 calories vs "3,000 low quality calories:"

    I'm not sure, but I believe if I'm only consuming 1,200 calories per day, they need to be doing the best possible work for my body.
  • babysaffy
    babysaffy Posts: 232 Member
    Congratulations on doing it all yourself. So much respect is due!
  • kzshelbi
    kzshelbi Posts: 73 Member
    Good job! This is truly inspiring .
  • kristingjertsen
    kristingjertsen Posts: 239 Member
    Congratulations on your transformation! You made the right decision.
  • 2_FitNFab
    2_FitNFab Posts: 163 Member
    You should be very proud of yourself! Great job!
  • aleakiA
    aleakiA Posts: 1 Member
    Wonderful story. Congratulations!
  • TsugaMom
    TsugaMom Posts: 2 Member
    Congratulations. This is a huge achievement. You should be very proud.
  • onematch
    onematch Posts: 241 Member
    Congratulations! You must feel amazing! And you look fantastic!!!
  • tamathaj
    tamathaj Posts: 11 Member
    You are an inspiration! I’m 52 with arthritis and you give me hope that I someday will be able to ride my bike again! Thanks for sharing!
  • Fit2_T
    Fit2_T Posts: 317 Member
    Wow! You look amazing. You give me hope!
  • lucyricky2
    lucyricky2 Posts: 446 Member
    so inspiring. Good luck to you and your future.
  • bigbandjohn
    bigbandjohn Posts: 769 Member
    Awesome job! I know it's hard work, but keep it up!
  • wendhall
    wendhall Posts: 37 Member
    Wow! You look great!, very inspiring! I am now 50 with a good amount of pain and arthritis as well. I like too that you have not cut out any food group, I also do not want to cut food groups and find your post very motivating!
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