Overweight and sick of it!

Hello everyone! Im new to this whole journey and could use some support from people in the same boat as me. While my bestie and boyfriend are super supportive, they are quite as big as me and sometimes it feels like they don't understand. Anyway, add me and let's be weight loss friends!


  • rhunwelshbowman
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    I hear you loud and clear. We are all in this together and want to improve. Good onya! :)
  • lkelly20103
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    I’m somewhat in a similar situation. My husband is amazing and super supportive but his entire family is slim so he doesn’t completely understand the challenges 🙃🙃 I’ll add you as a friend.
  • Foodiemom67
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    I hear you! Feel free to add me and we can cheer each other on. When I first started on this weight loss journey, it was very difficult. I am not saying it is not difficult now, but months later, I have gotten in to the rhythm of it now and hopefully get to the goal line...You will eventually find your way too..don't give up and when you fall off the healthy wagon, pick yourself up and get back on that horse to good health!!
  • I hear you as well - I have just started my journey
  • mg720
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    i am restarting my journey as of today.
    i lost 100 lbs in 2012 and have sadly due to multiple factors gained it all back.
    feel free to add me!