Huge NSV!

I have to share my NSV today. For years I have had serious anxiety about rides and coasters. I am not sure if it ever would happen but being turned away due to the size of my *kitten* publicly just makes my chest tight. Today I took my sister to a local arcade and I got on the mini coaster with her. No embarrassment. It really makes me want to stick to my goals so I can love life without fear. Also, she wanted all of the fun arcade food and I just sat with her and talked with a drink because I had shrimp stir fry waiting for me at home. Seems silly but this is big for me and my anxiety.


  • solieco1
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    Not silly at all!! That's huge and 2 NSV's!
  • brightresolve
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    This is NOT silly at all, and it is a huge victory! When we're in the habit of thinking, "Oh I can't do that because *weight reasons* or *poor fitness*" and suddenly we realize, we CAN choose to do it if we want...

    ... well, that's lovely and that is what we are doing this for, so we can "love life without fear" <<<<< I love that, thank you!
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    This is a great NSV! Way to go!
  • TayaCurragh
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    Well done!
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    That's awesome! Thanks for sharing and you should write that down for later in case you ever question if it's worth it. Now that I'm in maintenance there are times when I think I should relax a bit then I look back on things like that and it reminds me why it is so worth it to stay the course.
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    Fantastic! Getting healthy and removing barriers to living your best life? Awesome!!!
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