For those on the Keto diet...



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    I lost the first week I was on keto. I can't remember how much though.
    I started off at 224. Been at it for 8 months and I'm now about 178. I've been stalled for about 2 months though. Jumping up and down the same few pounds. I also switched to carnivore for a little while to see how that goes.
    I'm only 5'3" and want to lose at least 50+ more pounds.
    I just lose really slow apparently.

    You lost nearly 6lbs per month. What's wrong with that? You're not losing slow but at a realistic overall rate. So congratulations. You could eat at maintenance for a bit and then eat at a deficit again. You are measuring your food intake properly, right? Because what you eat doesn't matter for weightloss. You only need to be in a calorie deficit.