How to get back to exercise after having a break due to illness?

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I've been on here a month & id been working out twice a week which is a big is a big deal! This is the most I've ever felt motivated to get into shape and Sod's law I get gastritis & pulled muscle in my sternum. Saw dr today and they've told me not to exercise or do any lifting until I'm better. I'm now on week 2 with it & getting extremely frustrated from being in too much pain to exercise. I'm trying to be patient with myself but so scared of losing this spark. I have gastritis a few times a year due to stress and anxiety, with me it can take up to a month to heal 😖.


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    What is "working out" to you? Are you doing something that is physically active that you actually enjoy? I think too many people force themselves to do things they don't necessarily enjoy doing because they think or heard that it's a good workout and they have a hard time sticking to things or getting back into the swing of things after illness or injury, both of which are simply a fact of life.

    I've been at this fitness thing for going on 6.5 years. I don't have any problem getting back into the swing of things because I enjoy what I do. Over these past years I have had several bouts with injuries that have kept me out of the game for a few weeks and up to a few months. But I'm always excited to get back to it.

    My primary form of exercise is cycling...I typically ride 5-6 days per week and I love it. Sometimes I will swap out a ride for some rock climbing or hiking or a swim...all of which I enjoy. When you enjoy doing something, doing it isn't a chore and not doing it is kind of depressing. I'm currently recovering from a fractured patella and haven't been able to do much for a few weeks. For the first full week I was on crutches. It's improving quickly and I'm going out on my first road ride in about 3 weeks this afternoon and I can't be more excited since the weather is perfect and I've missed my bike.

    My advice would be to find some form of physical activity that you enjoy...exercise and fitness is a life long thing and needs to be sustainable.
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    Are you allowed to walk? Bike or spin?