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New mom friends

missmeganlynmissmeganlyn Member Posts: 14 Member Posts: 14
I would really like some fellow new mother friends on here. I know losing weight isn't too easy right after having a baby. I'm three and a half months postpartum. By the last day of my pregnancy I was weighing in at 197, and now I'm somewhere between 145-150. Still waiting to weigh in tomorrow. Once I hit 142 pounds ill be at my pre-pregnancy weight. But I'm looking to weigh somewhere between 120-130. So my journey is far from over!


  • fitmomhappymomfitmomhappymom Member Posts: 171 Member Member Posts: 171 Member
    I'm not a new mom, my son is almost 7. But I can relate to how hard it is to lose after baby. Shoot, I'm still trying to lose that baby weight! FR sent.
  • mrswilliams2uuumrswilliams2uuu Member Posts: 13 Member Member Posts: 13 Member
    Still kinda new mom Lol my son is 3 but I'm just starting to lose weight ..... (Lazy mommy Lol) add me :) I need new mom friends tooooo!!!!
  • DayDreamr_41DayDreamr_41 Member Posts: 32 Member Posts: 32
    I'm still trying to lose weight from my first pregnancy. My son is 20 (years old) now <giggles>
  • mama_speakmama_speak Member Posts: 20 Member Posts: 20
    I have a 6 and 1 year old. I'm about where you are weight-wise and want we have the same goal weight. Message me!! :)
  • mama_speakmama_speak Member Posts: 20 Member Posts: 20
    i've got my 1 year old in my lap as i'm typing, so please excuse the typo in my last message :)
  • EmmienzEmmienz Member Posts: 29 Member Posts: 29
    I find baby weight is the hardst to move and your SO sleepy with a little one! .. my "little" one is nearly 4 now and I was 120kgs (240lbs i think) after having him I got right back down to 65kgs (130lbs i think) but that has slowly over the last 3 years creeped back up to 79kg ( 158lbs) so im here to get back down to the 120-130 mark and am always happy to have other mums as friends so feel free to add me anyone! :)
  • holliebevineauholliebevineau Member Posts: 445 Member Member Posts: 445 Member
    Breast feeding helped me to shed a lot of my baby weight. I have four kids. My baby is two years old now. Its much harder ther fourth time around.
  • tarakkelley84tarakkelley84 Member Posts: 3 Member Posts: 3
    I have a two month old and just starting to count calories and attempt to lose weigh. Would love some new mom friends!
  • thefragile7393thefragile7393 Member Posts: 102 Member Member Posts: 102 Member
    SHoot I think I lost the weight from my second child (almost 5) lets work on the oldest who is now 7 LOL!
  • kadins_momma07kadins_momma07 Member Posts: 328 Member Member Posts: 328 Member
    I know what you mean lol! I have two boys, and I've already lost the weight from my 3 month old, it's the weight before him that is hard to lose! My older son will be 6 this year.
    SHoot I think I lost the weight from my second child (almost 5) lets work on the oldest who is now 7 LOL!
  • npatt8385npatt8385 Member Posts: 4 Member Posts: 4
    Hello, I am 6 weeks postpartum and beginning this weightloss journey myself. You and ANYONE SERIOUS ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT add me and Id love to be friends and be your motivation! I know I need all the friends and help I can get! :) Be blessed.
  • RoxieminiRoxiemini Member Posts: 18 Member Posts: 18
    I'm not a new Mum, my daughter is 3, but I am wanting to close to my pre-baby weight again, and tone up a bit as well! Breastfeeding helped me drop the kilos really fast when my daughter was a baby, I just kind of stopped looking after myself as well as I could have, and now I'm wanting to better my health and get fit again :)
  • JLN1974JLN1974 Member Posts: 104 Member Member Posts: 104 Member
    My children are 4 and 2 so not really a new mum anymore. But I found that I lost the first chunk of weight quite easily with breastfeeding and walking lots with the pram (although I had to take it easy for a while as both mine ended up being C sections. But the next bit comes harder. I think the sleep deprivation can make you crave sugary foods as well, so try to be kind to yourself and keep your strength up with slow release energy foods such as bananas. Try to concentrate on eating healthily rather than cutting down the calories too much to start with and build up the exercise. I found I lost easier with my first as I was without a car for the first 9 months so we walked everywhere. Second time round I had a baby in a pram and a toddler who couldn't walk far so we used the car far more & I noticed the difference.

    Feel free to add me x
  • soupandcookiessoupandcookies Member Posts: 212 Member Member Posts: 212 Member
    My kids are 5, 3, and 8 months. I'm still breastfeeding, but really struggling to lose! I'll friend you!
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