Recovery and weight gain

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Being very honest and transparent here. I'm going through things now. In recovery for BED and exercise purging.

For those who are going through this is rapid weight gain part of the process? I've gained 10 lbs (on top of the 8 over goal) since I started therapy last month. I overexercised so I cut that down, then was advised to satisfy binges in zero point WW foods. Now my clothes don't fit.

My therapist stinks, she constantly pushing WW instead of allowing me to address my issues. Yes I will fire her. But if/ or until I find someone new should I continue to expect this weight gain? I feel horrible in words I won't express here. When you lose a lot of weight that becomes your identity... she's the one who lost all the weight. No one cares how you did it, just that you did. But no one close to me cares about my suffering either.

I'm seriously considering exercise purging again. Because I can't take this anymore.


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    Hi there, sorry to hear that you are struggling.
    I can't speak to your situation exactly, because my diagnosis isn't BED exactly, I had/have pretty severe food & health anxiety with a lot of binge-restict-purge cycles. The most important thing for me was a.) finding a good counselor or therapist. One who can agree not to give two flying feathers what your weight is. Seriously. Ask them to listen to you talk about your gains/losses and only react based on your own articulation of your goals (i.e. if you tell them you were trying to gain x amount and you did, they'll say good job but they won't say, have you thought about gaining y amount instead/are you sure that's not too much/etc.).

    I'm not saying you shouldn't work on finding your healthy weight. Just let your GP or dietitian worry about that, and have somebody in your care team who is focused solely on the brain. Someone who won't try to push diet tips or strategies on you, just someone who will teach you tools to cope with your fear of gaining weight. CBT is one of the greatest inventions of our time, I'm telling you.

    Another big thing for me was avoiding triggers. For me, that meant cooking or baking while home alone, but for you it sounds like it might be certain types of exercise. You don't have to quit whatever it is forever, but step back and get yourself to a mentally safe place before you expose yourself to things you know will set you off. Find a new type of exercise that your brain doesn't associate with the purging behavior, and do that for a while if you can.

    You are going to get through this. It sounds like finding a better therapist might relieve some of your stress. Recovery sucks, but it's 1000% better than being sick forever.

    If you want to talk some more about it or just need to vent, my inbox is metaphorically open. Take care.
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    Hugs, darling. Find a new therapist stat.
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    Honestly if you are receiving professional help, I am not sure continuing to read and message on a weight loss website is best for you.....