introduce myself

Just starting with fitbit today!


  • shaf238
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    Good luck :)
  • Pool_Boy
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    You got this !!!
  • Foodiemom67
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    Hooray and have fun with it!!
  • luaP852350
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    Welcome along! Which Fitbit have you got? 👍
  • consafe10
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    Hi .My name is Joe I started MFP last February 2018 and was doing great lost 22 kilos in about 10 month so I was happy with that .I'm diabetic type 2 so the weight loss was working and helping .I was prescribed a new medication called Glipizide a few months ago as part of my diabetic medication .I started to put on weight a week after starting the medication and within a month had gained 9 kilos .I returned to the GP and after tests was given a new medication called Empagliflozin today 11/03/19 and it contributes to weight loss in short you pea out calories each day .Has anybody on the forum used this medication with their diet /Is there anything I should avoid in food or drink or any general points would be helpfull thanks
  • Mom2Five78
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    New to MFP I only discovered MFP after I reached my Goal weight but am now trying to maintain my weight. Lost 40 pounds by using a treadmill and watching what I eat. Hoping I can keep it off. Looking forward to Summer for the first time in years