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Newbie Here

DavaRVDavaRV Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
Hi all! I am completely new to this - it’s my first time using this app as well as my first attempt to lose weight.

I was naturally underweight my whole life until 5.5 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with a rare, genetic kidney disease. Major stress and depression set in, causing me to overeat and stop being active. Going from being constantly told I was too skinny to being borderline obese has been detrimental to my self-esteem, which I’ve used as an excuse to procrastinate about getting healthy again.

But now - no more excuses! I am ready to make the necessary, albeit difficult, changes in order to get my heath and my life back. I crave support and motivation, but am too timid to ask someone I know to be my diet/workout buddy. The community feature on this app seems like the perfect solution for this. Feel free to add me, I just signed up this morning so I have yet to make any friends here. I look forward to encouraging each other as we work towards our personal goals 😊

Good luck to you all!


  • Dory_42Dory_42 Posts: 2,904Member Member Posts: 2,904Member Member
    I found your post searching for comments about kidneys as I'm donating my kidney to a friend later this year. He also has a genetic disease and is on dialysis. I sent you a friend request...
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