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Breakfast on the go

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Im a healthy individual and I work out every lunchtime. But now I'm trying to focus on losing a layer of fat that I can't shift before I start building muscle. I don't abuse food, I usually love breakfast, and have always loved overnight oats with fruit or eggs and spinach, but never used to track my foods, just ate what I liked (in moderation). However since using this app and tracking my daily eats, I want to vary up my breakfasts. I work in an office with an onsite Bistro (heaven for some, an absolute nightmare for me) as everybody goes for brekkie every morning. I cycle to work, so want to bring breakfast with me and am struggling for some tasty variations... any ideas on tasty savory muffins, handy nibbly breakfasts I can enjoy with a cuppa and man the phones while my team go down for their bacon eggs and beans??? Im shiny new to this app and way of life, weighing food portions, macros, etc so to lose a bit of weight as mentioned, so need to mix it up.....
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