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Well over 100lbs to lose.

andreadodsandreadods Posts: 24Member Member Posts: 24Member Member
Help. I am struggling so badly. I have autoimmune diseases which have left me disabled so although I do some exercise I use an electric wheelchair so I am restricted. I only work one day a week now due to illness and get bored and fed up. And then to top it off I have 2 special needs children who are wonderful but cause additional stress. But I know all these things are simply excuses. So I need to change my attitude more than anything. And I have a lot to lose. So would really appreciate some friends who understand how hard it is to stop making excuses. I am 38 and I can't carry on like this. I have 13 months until my 40th and I need things to be better by then.


  • MomofAlana2016MomofAlana2016 Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    Hi Andrea

    I'm 34, mum to a 2.5 year old and I have about 100lb to lose too.
    Add me as a friend and maybe we can do it together and help each other to stop making excuses.

    Remember that weight loss is mostly achieved in the kitchen. Exercise is a tiny part of weight loss xx
  • Annie_01Annie_01 Posts: 2,801Member Member Posts: 2,801Member Member
    I am no expert at this but...

    After reading your post I thought about "excuses". We all make them. Some of them even have some validity. Even if they are valid they don't help. To ask someone to stop making them is unrealistic...almost like taking away a human right! I think that they might even fall under the "freedom of speech" amendment.


    I think the key might be...come up with a counter excuse. In other words...each time that you have an excuse also have a counter excuse.

    For me one of those excuses might be..."my knees will hurt if I take a walk". My counter excuse might be..."if I take a walk my knees will not hurt as much". I can't walk because it is raining outside or you could say "It's raining outside so I think I will put on a video and walk in place inside".

    Always have a counter excuse to the negative excuses. Write them down if you have to. You won't alway manage to follow the counter excuse instead of giving in to the negative excuse but eventually there will be less and less negative excuses...hopefully!

    I think that negative excuses are just a sign of how we truly feel about ourselves. We feel as if we are not worth the effort. Maybe if we learn to love ourselves just a little more then we can let go of some of those "excuses".

    I know that your life is a struggle right now but the negative excuses will just make it worse. You can't change your circumstances but don't make them worse by thinking YOU are not worth the effort.

    I will repeat...I am no expert at this. This post was written as much for myself as it was for you. Reading your words made me think about my own excuses. I have lots of them that need to be replaced by some positive counter excuses.
  • wellnfreewellnfree Posts: 283Member Member Posts: 283Member Member
    When I started on this journey, my doctor's one piece of advice was "you can't outrun your fork" i.e. exercise will not compensate for overeating. I mentally agreed with her but, honestly, I can see now that I didn't really believe it. It's taken me a whole year, with a lot of time at the gym, to see that it is true. The upside of that for you is - you can't exercise much, but you can change what you eat which is the biggest factor.

    I'm not in a wheelchair now but I have been. I broke first one ankle and then about a year later broke the other one and my balance was so bad that I couldn't safely use crutches. So each time I spent 6 weeks in the wheelchair and then time with a walker, then a cane. Gained a bit of weight (added to the extra 40 lbs or so that I already was carrying) and lost a lot of muscle in the abs, legs. That time in the wheelchair is what really got me serious about losing weight and increasing my fitness. I could see my world closing in and getting more and more limited and there was no absolute way that I wanted to spend my life like that.

    It has been a real learning journey - I didn't expect that. I thought I could just up my exercise - first walking and then adding in the gym when it was too icy to be safe on our mountain town streets. The exercise made me feel much better and stopped me from gaining (I was gaining about 5 lb a year) but didn't knock back the weight like I thought it would. I do have my issues - short, very fine bones, post menopause, hypothyroid, hate sports & love handwork - which means I just don't burn much fuel. Since Christmas I've focused on eating the kind of portions that I did as a teen when I weighed about 105 lb. - if it was enough for me then, it is certainly enough for me now - and that has produced a better result.

    Hope all this encourages you. I've only lost 3-4 lb in this entire year but am in such a better place mentally and physically than when I started. And, if I hadn't started and had gained my usual 5 lb or so, I'd be up 9 lb and into a whole new weight/size range - which is also something to consider.
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  • andreadodsandreadods Posts: 24Member Member Posts: 24Member Member
    Thanks for your replies. I really appreciate them.
  • wearionwearion Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    For 13 months it is easy to lose 100 pounds. First of all, do not eat after 18-00. Drink more fluids. If possible, do any physical exercise, it is better to walk a lot. Vegetables and fruits are your friends, vegetable food is what keeps a person healthy all his life.
  • estherdragonbatestherdragonbat Posts: 4,853Member Member Posts: 4,853Member Member
    Meal timing has no bearing on anything. I generally eat past midnight and have shed over 108lbs. I lost 80 in the first year.
  • bthumudobthumudo Posts: 79Member, Premium Member Posts: 79Member, Premium Member
    More than happy to help support. I just turned 47 and this is my second go around. First time I lost 100 but gained it back and than some thanks to an injury. This time I'm finally back in it to drop 150. Would love to have more friends and support to help through it and vice versa. You can definitely do this. We all can.
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