Stay at home parents

I’m current on maternity leave and am having a really hard time not snacking at home.

I have a 3 yr old and a 6 month old and my partner is away all week so I’m always exhausted and basically grab any food I can throughout the day - usually craving sweet carbs and eating far too many calories by the end of the day.

Any hints on how to get a better structure in place or better snacks (as sometimes real cooking and actual meals just don’t happen).



  • lorrpb
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    Don’t buy the sugary carbs you are over-snacking on. If it’s not in the house you won’t eat it.
    Do buy foods you feel ok about snacking on like raw veggies, fruit, plain (not sugary) yogurt etc
    Keep your kids snacks in a separate cupboard or box so you’re not tempted by them.
  • egbert2016
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    Some people actually prefer eating several small meals throughout the day. So embrace that this is your reality and make it work for you! I had a lot of success with pre-logging an entire day's worth of food in small meals/snacks. I kept the menu simple and use mostly foods that were easy to "grab and go" or that I could prep days ahead of time and enter the calories ahead of time too. Some of my favorites are yogurt, cups of grapefruit, an apple, string cheese, hardboiled eggs, single servings tubs of avocado (from Costco) on toast. . . I also like to make myself a daily snack box of vegetables like sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, mini persian cucumbers, red peppers, etc. I wash and prep enough for 3-4 days' worth at a time and I portion them out into a plastic tupperware (one box for each day). I grab that box when I leave the house and keep it in my bag in a chilled lunchbox. Then I snack from it throughout the day. That way I know I at least got some veggies in!
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    Thanks both, I like the daily snack box idea!
  • kmblalock2016
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    im with egbert here!
    my kids are 4 and 5! I found meal prepping simple things that can be consumed alone or together was best
    -hard boiled eggs
    -pre cut salads by u or bought that way
    - cook chicken in advance and cut or shred
    - use crock to make large meals that can be stored for example taco soup! measure then microwave!
    - nuts
    - I also have the kids stuff stored out of my eye line! and I eat 3 small meals and 2 snacks! helps with temptation!