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One year ago I had a choice: to either do nothing about my extreme morbid obesity (170 kg, 375 pounds) - that would mean that now, a year later I would carry at least the same weight with me and chances were that I would be even heavier by now. OR TO JOIN MFP and get all that tremendous support from so many members. I chose MFP, always learned something new about a healthier life style, a balanced meal plan. I also learned about my "trigger foods", uncontrolled binge eating, my reasons around them and something called "food stacking" which I don't quite understand yet. I am still too generous with eye balling portion control - so carvery buffets and "eat as much as you can" sushi places (my very distant record: 52 pieces... and that sushi place is happy that I haven't come back in a long time!) are not a good idea for me. Early on I started "exercise" - meaning a very slow walk around the block. Now I can walk a bit faster and happily 2 hours or more, 3 or 4 times a week. Oh, I nearly forgot - and I lost a bit of weight: as of this morning 31.2 kg - about 68 pounds. Obviously I still have a long way to go and I'll let you all know in a year's time how I am getting on. Happy days!


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    Way to go. You did it and now you know you can do it. Keep up the good work. A fantastic loss not as you say a little bit of weight.
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