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miskellyamiskellya Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member


  • melissabarlow612melissabarlow612 Posts: 33Member Member Posts: 33Member Member
    You look incredible! Can I ask how tall you are, as 131lbs is around my goal?
  • LittleRedSongBirdLittleRedSongBird Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    Wow you look fab, I bet you feel amazing! I’m 5ft7ish too and have about 100lbs to lose, seeing your transformation is really inspiring.
  • missysippy930missysippy930 Posts: 1,202Member Member Posts: 1,202Member Member
    Amazing transformation! Congratulations!
  • julesdechainejulesdechaine Posts: 138Member Member Posts: 138Member Member
  • cristylee12cristylee12 Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
    I'm starting where you're at and would love to lose the weight. Here's to trying again. Any secrets you could share? What was your eating plan?
  • StacGramStacGram Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Great job! You can do the maintenance.
  • prettyhappyrunningprettyhappyrunning Posts: 16Member Member Posts: 16Member Member
    That’s inspiring! All your hard work has really paid off. Congratulations 👏👏👏
  • slevy90slevy90 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Great Job!!
    I have the same starting weight. Can you please share which foods you typically ate and your exercise routine?
    Thank you
  • laceygaywilsonlaceygaywilson Posts: 330Member Member Posts: 330Member Member
    YES!!! You are an inspiration!! I am 5'7 and my goal 140ish....going is steps...170 right now next goal 160!! This is my third journey!! When I met my hubby 254lbs...lost 100lbs in a year!! Then gained it all back plus 25 extra with baby #1!! Took a year lost 135lbs smallest ever size 4 135lbs!! Kept it off three years then baby #2!! Gained it all back!! 265 at delivery!! Took me 6 years to get to 205!! Last summer I got fed up and hit it hard!! Lost 35lbs....gained 9 in winter GOALS!!!! LMAO!!!
  • miskellyamiskellya Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    Ah, your post resonates so much with me. I gained 4 stone with each of my two children. Sounds to me like when you’re in the zone, you know exactly how to lose, what an accomplishment. It’s nice to reward yourself at each milestone too. Good luck, you got this!
  • lindsayann135lindsayann135 Posts: 11Member, Premium Member Posts: 11Member, Premium Member
    What got you here? Logging on this site? Increased activity?
  • biscuitforcefieldbiscuitforcefield Posts: 42Member Member Posts: 42Member Member
    " I adjusted my kcal down to 800."

    Per day?

    That's dangerously low. Is this under doctor's supervision?
  • miskellyamiskellya Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    The blood sugar diet / Fast 800 is based on intermittent fasting. It’s not suitable for anyone who has had eating disorders in the past but not vastly different (IMO) to VLCD such as Cambridge or Exante in terms of calorie deficit. I believe 8 weeks is the maximum length advises without a break. It’s been shown to be highly effective in reversing the effects of type 2 diabetes - which I don’t have so not applicable to me. It’s becoming quite mainstream I think - although weight loss techniques do always seem to go in and out of favour. I didn’t have or need any medical supervision as I didn’t have any prior health issues or side effects.

    I would say MFP has been the life changing factor for me. The rules of weigh myself every day, log everything, stick to calorie goal - be that 1200 or 800 kcal per day. I plan to do a couple of 800 days per week going forward as my maintenance. I just turned 40 last week so for a couple of weeks I’ve just been going with the flow and have not been monitoring at all. But as of Tuesday all celebrations are over and I will crack on again!
  • bfraser1982bfraser1982 Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    Congratulations! Your journey sounds quite similar to mine, also 5'7'', 198lbs starting on 1st Jan this year, and goal is 138, I am currently at 158 on 1200/day :) it's great to read inspirational stories like yours, congratulations again and thank you for sharing.
  • Daisy_Girl2019Daisy_Girl2019 Posts: 154Member Member Posts: 154Member Member
    Way to go! I am also on 1200 cal diet, although I don't weigh my food, I mostly estimate. I am 10lbs away from my goal weight. 5'2, current weight 130.
    I also eat junk sometimes but stay on my cal goals no matter what. I don't share my diary because I am embarassed that I ate 5 tacos for lunch some days or that I ate 10 kisses at night when I am at work.
    Anyways, I can't reduce my calorie less than 1200 so I switch my work out to 1 hour cardio 3-4x a week max 5x a week then weight train after.
  • SoulSisterSoulBrotherSoulSisterSoulBrother Posts: 212Member Member Posts: 212Member Member
    Thank you for your post and tips.. Very helpful. x You look amazing & many many congratulations.
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