weak back is affecting exercise



  • angermouse
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    kbmnurse1 wrote: »
    You need to strengthen your core.

    im trying, im looking for ways to do so without aggravating my back.
  • Milocmolly
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    Try yoga or a barre classes.
  • staticsplit
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    I recently had lower back issues and it was a result of:
    - a weaker core
    - tight hamstrings (they're naturally tight but they got even tighter from doing a lot of walking with a backpack)
    - generally not stretching or resting enough

    I kept up my yoga and weight lifting but specifically stretched my hamstrings a LOT more than I had been. Did lots of supine twists. Stretched abductors. Eventually it eased and it doesn't bother me much anymore. If it acts up I do a bunch of hammy stretches again and it tends to ease abck out.