Game of Thrones - The Long Night: Part 3

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We are starting the third and last part of our Game of Thrones challenge on April 20th. You are very welcome to join us and help to defeat the White Walkers! B)

The Long Night - Part 3


"Thousands of years ago, there came a night that lasted a generation. Kings froze to death in their castles, same as the shepherds in their huts; and women smothered their babies rather than see them starve, and wept, and felt the tears freeze on their cheeks... In that darkness the White Walkers came for the first time. They swept through cities and kingdoms, riding their dead horses, hunting with their packs of pale spiders big as hounds."

Our challenge story takes us back to the days when the White Walkers first invaded Westeros, and were finally defeated in the War of the Dawn by the First Men and the Children of the Forest - several thousands years before the events in the TV series.

We started with the first part of the challenge in October, had the second part with the start of January, and the thrid and final part is about to start on April 20th! But it is not at all necessary to have participated in the first parts!
You also don't have to know the TV series to join the challenge. And since we make up our own storyline, there won't be any spoilers, in case you have not seen the entire TV series yet.

The challenge will start on Sunday, April 20th (Easter weekend) and will last 10 weeks until June 30th.

The Basics:
  • This is a team-based challenge, so you will look to your teammates for support, advice, and motivation.
  • Each team/house completes various challenges every week, including cardio, strength, and flex exercises, as well as a food challenge and other small challenges depending on what is happening in Westeros.
    There will be individual minimum goals you have to meet by yourself (no minute sharing with your team mates), and house goals for the entire team, where you will work together. (There is an example week from the first part below.)
  • All in all, you should be prepared to work out for 200-300 minutes per week!
  • It is also possible to opt out for a week, and there are free passes you can use for individual tasks.
  • For each challenge you meet, you'll get a point, and the House with the highest average points wins the week. The winning house will post small challenge for the other houses for the coming week, and may also have some say in the development of the story (e.g. who is going to play a major role in the next week).
  • There is no required weekly weigh-in, although you can of course post your current weight in the chat.
  • If you think you don't have enough time to complete all the challenges, but want to be part of the fun, you can join the Children of the Forest!
    They don't have to meet the challenges, but also don't take part in the weekly competition. Sometimes they have some influence in the story and therefore the challenges for the other teams, though.

If you want to join, please enter your name and your average weekly workout minutes in the sign-up sheet here:

If you want to join the Children of the Forest, please say so in the third column. Also, if you have special wishes for the team assignment (e.g. you want to be in the same team as someone else), you can enter them there. We will try to take them into account, within reason.
(Please note that our story is going to take place several thousand years before the events in the TV series, which means that we will have completely different houses than you are used to. So it's no use wishing for a special house like Stark, Lannister, Targaryen or Tyrell.)

Please sign up until Thursday, April 17th, so that we have enough time to assign the teams. We will use your workout minutes so that the teams are evenly matched.

And here is the group for the challenge:

(At the moment it is a public group, so that everyone can join. But remember to sign up in the spreadsheet to actually take part in the challenge - just joining the group won't be enough.
After the challenge has started, the group will be set to be private.)

Example Week:

Week 3:

The attack came out of nowhere.
The giant white spider sprang out of the trees, throwing its web at Tarrence and dragging him from his horse. At the same time, a group of wights attacked the travellers from both sides, giving them barely enough time to draw their weapons and fight back.
Tarek tried to get to his brother before the spider could kill him, but several wights were blocking him, and although his horse trampled some of them, he still had to fight the rest off. He glanced around to look for the others - beside him, Corin wreaked havoc with his battle axe, Garth and Vorian were standing back to back and fighting off a group of wights, but they were nowhere near Tarrence to help him.
As he desperately tried to get closer to Tarrence, he saw Varena charging a group of wights who were clustered at the back of the spider. She swept her glaive in a sidelong arc through the group, decimating their enemy's numbers. With the next sweep, she would have cut the spider in two if its armor had not been so strong.
With a screech of fury, the monster drew back from Tarrence and came at her with deadly foreclaws raised, scattering wights right and left. When it reared on its hindlegs to attack Varena, she drew her dagger and hurled it at its neck, where it bit exactly in the armor's gap between body and head.
The spider lurched and tumbled, already going down, when she used her glaive to kill it off. The remaining wights, seeing the spider die, fled into the woods.
But Tarrence was lying on the grounds, unconscious and deadly white.

Garth: I have never heard of someone killing one of these cursed spiders on his own.
Varena: But it bit him. He is still alive, but...
Tarek: The Maesters. They have healers in Oldtown, they will know what to do.
Corin: It is still four days to Oldtown.
Tarek: We have to try.

Weekly workout minutes - individual minimum goals:
Cardio: 70 minutes
Strength: 40 minutes
Flex: 60 minutes

Weekly workout minutes - House goal average per member:
Cardio: 90 minutes
Strength: 60 minutes
Flex: 90 minutes

Food goal:
In order to fight off giant spiders and wights, you have to be strong. So this week you will help your body to build muscle mass by meeting your protein goal for 4 days this week.
You may use the protein goal MFP gives you, or you may define a goal by yourself - but please make sure that it is a bit higher than your usual protein intake, so that it is a challenge for you.

Maester Challenge:
When they met, Garth had thought that a woman couldn't keep up with them, and would be a liability in a fight. But Varena has proven him wrong, killing the giant spider all on her own.
In honor of her, do the following darebee workout at level 1 (three sets):
(You may make any necessary modifications.)


Tiebreaker code:


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    Signed up yay!
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    This is an amazing challenge for those of you looking for extra fitness challenges(I rarely did flex until this challenge)! It definitely helped me increase my fitness, and remain accountable each week. Each week is different with food challenges and workout minute goals for the week! Some weeks will push you, but that is what makes a challenge. You also meet some pretty awesome people 😊 They're all very supportive, and everyone works together to "win" the week, no matter what group you get placed in!

    @Maalea does a wonderful job with this challenge! It takes a lot to just participate, and she does it all! :flowerforyou:
  • Slinky_BraveHeartBunsOfSteel
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    Part 2 was so much fun and really got me active again - thank you! Looking forward to Part 3!
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    Hello i want to join again but couldnt fill d plz
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    Uzii1 wrote: »
    Hello i want to join again but couldnt fill d plz

    I added you there! :)
    Do you want the Children of the Forest or a house?
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    Signed up!
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    Thank u maalea..i would like to join house in wch mary n jackie r der
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    Just piping in that I had never read the book or seen the show and LOVED this challenge. It was a nice break from scale watching but really boosted my activity, strength, and flexibility. If you’re on the fence, try it!
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    Only two days left to join! B)
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    I signed up again. The last session really encouraged me to increase my exercise and see increases in my strength and flexibility. It's a great group of supportive people.
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    Great to have you again! :)
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    I signed up. Hope it's not too late ;)
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    Moarrein wrote: »
    I signed up. Hope it's not too late ;)

    No, not too late!

    The spreadsheet is now closed, but if anybody still wants to join, please go directly to the group
    request to join the group (if it is already set to private) and then post in the Welcome thread. B)