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lesliealvarado6569lesliealvarado6569 Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
Im 140 atm my goal is to be 120 I’ve been working out for the past 2 weeks I know is not much but another goal i have is to keep on being dedicated with my work and how i eat
I want to gain muscle on my lower body and work out on my arms I’ve been eating fish,chicken,bread and some other stuff been drinking a lot of water i try to eat 1,500 a day
Also i want to try almond milk how does it taste??? and also try salmon whats a good recipe to make salmon with some veggies??? :) :) :)


  • staticsplitstaticsplit Posts: 503Member Member Posts: 503Member Member
    If your aim is to lose, confused why you started a thread in maintaining? Is 1500 what MFP advises you to eat? Follow their advice and don't set too aggressive a loss as it can be hard to sustain.

    Almond milk tastes fine. I prefer oat milk in coffee and tea. Hazlenut and coconut are also good. I'm indifferent to salmon--I always overcook it and it goes wooly in texture.
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