Any Canadians out there or anyone for Moral support!!



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    Victoria, BC! I’ve just started counting macros and tracking thru MFP. It’s been good:) I’m just about done my first week! The hardest part is planning all the meals so I stay on track!
  • blackbear555
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    Awesome! Thanks for responding everyone. Good to know there are a lot of us out there! I’m located in Nova Scotia but have travelled and lived all over this beautiful country (military brat lol) :)
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    Boba_14626 wrote: »
    Boba_14626 wrote: »
    I can see Toronto if the atmospheric conditions are right from NY. I don't imagine that counts though right?


    Correct yes.

    Flew over you on my way back from Lakewood NJ via Newark Airport a couple of years ago.
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    I'm in castor alberta. Which is in the middle of nowhere
  • Saltine24
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    I'm from Winnipeg, MB feel free to add me.
  • CdnPgnMom
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    Hi, Annie! I am Christina. I, too, am 40. I live in NB, but I am from NS. And I could have written what you just did word for word, almost! Here if you ever want to chat! :smiley:
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    Hi! I am from London, Ontario. Originally from Newfoundland!
  • Carried_aw4y
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    Ottawa here! I’m always looking for fellow Canadians to be friends with. 😊 Add me if you like!
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    Hey @blackbear555 you can add me
  • xGreatWhiteNorthx
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    Originally from GTA.
    Had the misfortune of living around kincardine for 6 years.

    Finally have settled in northern Ontario on St. Joseph's Island.
  • Drop_It_Like_Its_Hot
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    I’m from Montreal 😃

    I’m always looking for new friends!
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Born in Alberta Canada...but live in California
  • dena789
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    I’m in Southern Alberta. Will be 67 this year. I had a major weight loss using MFP in 2012/13 but have been yo-yoing ever since with a mostly steady incline. I am starting back logging. I want to get this back under control and the weight off!
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    How do you add friends? I’m lost!
  • anovello15
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    Calgary Alberta here! Seems to be quite a few of us which is nice to see
  • mcdelong29
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    Hi! Writing to you from Toronto!

    I used MFP to lose weight in 2017 but with some life changes, I sort of fell off the healthy habits train and am back here again to hopefully learn some habits that will stick and to get to a weight I feel comfortable in. I found accountability to other people really helped me last time so I want to try out the MFP community! And what better place to start than to introduce myself to some fellow Canadians!
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    Hamilton :) feel free to add Would love to have support too
    have a wonderful day <3
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    Windsor Ontario add me :)
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    Grimsby, Ontario here

    Feel free to add me!
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    So Canadians....who still has snow and who has spring? it's supposed to be like 19 degrees tomorrow i'm so excited