Cancer Survivors?

Hey Everyone,

I'm just seeing if there are any other cancer survivors out there that would like to be friends/motivate each other. I spent the last year of my life fighting to get it back. I am in remission from stage IV endometrial cancer, which was eventually changed to stage III ( yay! )
Buuuut in the process of getting cancer, my body completely going nutso, then going through chemo and being told it's not good to try to lose weight during treatment... well it's been quite the nightmare on my weight. I had lost a total of 160lbs, and am currently almost back where I started.

If not a cancer survivor, that's ok! I just want some help staying motivated (as if I don't literally have the best motivation there is). Y'all tell me your stories! <3

Thanks for reading & add me if you want,



  • gabpco
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    Hello! Congratulations on the remission! I am so happy for you! I am also a cancer survivor, though most days I still feel like a cancer patient. I wonder when that changes? Anyway. I was diagnosed with stage 3 angiosarcoma in June. I’ve had several surgeries and 4 months of chemotherapy and now two scans with no signs of disease. I’m super happy to be alive. Every minute of everyday.

    I lost about 20 pounds through the process and was actually at a healthy weight but have gained it all back plus a couple. I would like to lose the weight again but healthily and intentionally this time. :) I need some motivation, also! I have always struggled with my weight. I’d love to try and help each other! I am new to the whole forum experience though!

    Good luck! You can do this!

  • Joy1580vb
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    I am also a cancer survivor. Was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 at the age of 65 and went through surgery, chemo and radiation. I am now finally in a good state of mind to concentrate on my weight and get to a healthy place. My weigh is slowly coming down and happy with that. Started at 189 pounds and now down to 175 (losing about 1 pound per week).
  • AnnPT77
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    I'm an 18.5 year survivor of stage III breast cancer and treatment (bilateral mastectomies, one simple/one modified radical; 6 months of chemo; 6 weeks of radiation therapy; 7.5 years of anti-estrogen drugs). The breast cancer was diagnosed when I was 44. Right after treatment, I was diagnosed as hypothroid, when my energy level hit a wall while recovering from chemo. It took some time to get the right medication dose for that dialed in.

    After treatment, I realized that if I wanted to feel strong, vital and healthy again, I was going to have to work at it. It wasn't going to "just happen".

    Over the next year or so, in 2001-2002, I started getting more physically active, beginning with things like yoga, and eventually joining a breast cancer survivors rowing team. I've been rowing regularly since then (on water when I can, machine when I must), because I love it; taking spin classes; occasionally weight training, bike riding, swimming (took adult learn-to-swim lessons! ;) ); etc.

    I was obese at diagnosis, and stayed obese for over a decade, despite becoming much more fit (and getting a bit smaller as I gained muscle vs. fat). In 2015, something finally snapped inside my head, partly triggered by high cholesterol/BP/gallbladder adenomyomatosis, and I started consistently losing weight by calorie counting. I lost about 50 pounds in a bit less than a year, from obese to a healthy weight, and so far have maintained a healthy weight for nearly 3 years since. I'm now age 63, 5'5", weight in mid-130s pounds.

    IMO, small, permanent changes in habits, one day at a time, can get you some amazing results in the long run. "Motivation" is optional; what you need is a commitment to change behavior and habits, even slowly, but always persistently. You can surprise yourself!

    Best wishes! :)
  • brookielaw
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    Hi there, I'm a fellow survivor, but mine was Breast Cancer. I WAS 240 lbs down at my lowest, about 235 ish down when I was diagnosed at age 42. I'm cancer-free now after surgeries and radiation but the anti-estrogen drugs and accompanying depression have done a bit of a whammy on my energy levels, self-esteem, self-control and ability/desire to exercise. I'm back down 210ish from my all-time high but gaining 25 net lbs over the past nearly year and a half of treatment has not been great for anything. I turned back to food for comfort. You don't get to be the size I was without some underlying food issues am I right? Anyway, I'm working on my suck-it-up-itude, so my first post-cancer triathlon is in less than 2 weeks and I am resolved to stop phoning it in on the motivation and commitment. I'm in Texas too, maybe we can help each other out?