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Back at it again...

ncoljncolj Posts: 2Member, Premium Member Posts: 2Member, Premium Member
Hello all, I’m back at it again. I’m 48 and I am back to shed lbs and make a lifestyle change. Lots of aches and pains I never had before, wanting to get back to feeling good again. Maybe even run again... 🏃‍♀️ I’m also wondering if the Premium is really worth it... I’m trying it for free for a month. Love seeing the Success Stories pics, very motivating. Feel free to reach out for support. Wish me luck 🤞🏽


  • Chesi608Chesi608 Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
    Hi, Good luck! I started Keto in March. I’ve lost about 14 lbs.
    When I signed up for this app, I didn’t realize I was already a member. SMH!
    I’m not sure the premium is necessary. I decided to get the free app. I watch some YouTube videos that said it wasn’t necessary, but when I did my research it seems worth it if you need the details that it provides.
  • bustos72bustos72 Posts: 7Member, Premium Member Posts: 7Member, Premium Member
    Hello! I am beginning to research Keto more and working everyday to learn more about what foods have carbs and about net carb counting. I try to keep carbs at 35, not perfect but trying my best to improve with each day.
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