200+ lbs to loose, looking for accountability friends

Hey all!! Amanda here! A little over a month ago, I weighed in at 408.5, then had to have surgery (not weight related) but it made me realize how much my size affects everything I do, and don’t do because I am afraid I can’t or won’t enjoy because of my size. Really looking for serious accountability. Anyone else in the same boat?


  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Hi Amanda...my highest weight was 252 I am now 242....I had a health scare back in Jan. that landed me in the hospital for 9 days (flu/pneumonia) I was diagnosed with type II diabetes and COPD ( I quit smoking Jan. 2nd) ....I recommend getting a food scale....plug in your stats into MFP...don't try to do too much at once....I would recommend you weighing your food and logging your food for starters....You are welcome to add me ....I am here for the long haul this time around (I had a bad habit of giving up and deleting my accounts) Anyways wishing you the very best on your journey...I am here to support/encourage/cheer etc . :)
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    Hiya. My highest was 323 a couple years ago. I started using this app and a step counter and lost 50 lbs in 3 months. I found out I was pregnant and fell off the wagon so to speak. I started back up again on March 11th at 313lbs and am at 291 now.
    This app is such a big help. It really helps you focus on what and how much you are taking in. Accountability is important so when you slip up and eat that cupcake that was calling your name make sure to log it. I suggest getting a food scale to make sure you are being accurate.

    I also highly recommend getting a step counter. I am using a viviofit3 and the daily step goals are helping me increase and maintain a higher activity level. I went from averaging 5000 steps away to hitting 9000+ steps daily and hope to maintain 10000+. I am not a fan of exercise but walking around town listening to music or walking on a treadmill while reading a book are things I can manage.
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    I'm looking for friends too! I suck at weight loss. I just turned 40 and I'm trying to conceive, my doctor wants me to lose weight for fertility and a healthy pregnancy.
    I started at 272 lbs on march first, I have lost 12 pounds so far, but the stakes are huge for me this time. Also, I love supporting my fellow Amanda's. 😉
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    Hi Amanda, about 5 months ago I almost got stuck in bed and while my husband was able to help it was a struggle. Due to having MS I realized that I would need help more and more often. I started this journey in January at 382 pounds and I’m closing in on 40 pounds lost so far. I have my rough days, but I’m in this for the long haul.

    I agree with @Megan_smartiepants1970 in that you should start with small changes and work from there. Feel free to friend me and know that you can do this.
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    Hi Amanda, my name is Sarah! I started MFP just over a year ago at 315 and have lost 86 pounds. Just started working out with a personal trainer two weeks ago. This is something I never dreamed I would do. I love it! I can feel ab muscles I literally haven’t felt in about 30 years! The scale has only moved two pounds but I am down a pant size close to two sizes. I would recommend that you hold yourself accountable for logging your foods properly and keep an eye on your macros. People here can give you support, encouragement but and this is something it took me almost 50 years to realize is that you only hurt you when you stop trying. If you slip up don’t beat yourself up just log it and make better choices. The second most important thing would be to drink water! I wish you the best in your weight loss journey💕
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    Hi everyone! I have 100 lbs to lose and keep yo-yo dieting which I know isn’t healthy. So I am here this time for real and would love some accountability buddies! Look forward to getting to know all of you! We got this!
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    Don’t give up girl! I had a beautiful baby boy when I was 43 years old and over 200lbs. It is possible!
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    hi my name is brook im 18 and i have pcos which has caused me to go from 98 lbs to 206 in 1 year and if i dont help myself i could develop diabeties
  • bstanley12
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    its really hard because i dont like the new me i miss the old one and pcos has basically ruined my life and im not even 20 yet
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    I also have quite a bit to lose. We can do this!!! Weighing, measuring, and recording food is a must. As for the exercise part that will come if you are not able to do it now. Remember losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise.
    We got this.