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Fasting for political reasons.

divinehipster69divinehipster69 Posts: 14Member Member Posts: 14Member Member
I started a FB group to protest the Heartbeat Bill that Ohio just passed. It puts my life in danger. After a t cut c section my doctor thinks my uterus could rupture before the due date. All forms of contraception have a failure rate. So while I'm careful not to get pregnant there's always a chance. I'm not trying to debate whether abortion is right or wrong. The point if this is not to lose weight either, it's a protest. A hunger strike. I water fast until they change the law. I'm not overweight, I'm 105 lbs. I'll be underweight pretty quick tbh. I just feel very strongly about this issue. Anyone who opposes the Heartbeat law is welcome to join me. Losing weight is just a plus for those who have extra weight to lose.
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